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A pan-African CFA activist is the face of rising anti-French sentiment in Francophone West Africa

CLAIR MACDOUGALL After four days in detention in Burkina Faso for “insulting the president and other presidents,” Kémi Séba, the controversial Franco-Béninois activist, who spearheaded a movement against the regional currency, the CFA, was all set to arrive in Mali on Wednesday (Jan. 8) for demonstrations demanding the exit of the French military. Instead he […]

Ghana is a very good place to invest – Dangote

RICHARD ANNERQUAYE ABBEY Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has listed Ghana among a list of countries on the continent where investments yield the right returns. The business magnate, who was speaking in an interview on Bloomberg TV identified Ghana together with three other countries including his home country Nigeria, where he is establishing a multi-billion-dollar […]

Chinese demand is fueling donkey theft and stressing out farmers in Ghana

DANIELLE PAQUETTE & MAXWELL SUUK  Night and day, he thinks of his donkeys. Are they still in the fields, munching on hay? Or has someone stolen them once again, wrecking his business for some foreigner’s cash? “My donkeys are my everything,” said Hardi Rafik, 25, a brickmaker who relies on animal muscle. “Now I must […]

2019 Person of the Year: A friend of our mind

 A great awareness swept through the African community in the U.S. and elsewhere in 2019 thanks to Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao, a quondam medical doctor turned diplomat. In 2017 she was appointed the African Union rep. to the U.S. but was removed in October 2019 for her outspokenness. Undeterred, she continues to preach truth – The […]

Stop the Religious madness in Africa!

In November 1978, more than 900 people, including 304 children, lost their lives in the jungles of South America through the acts and actions of Rev. Jim Jones. The American faith leader had relocated his Peoples Temple with its congregation from the U.S. to Jonestown, Guyana, from the prying eyes of U.S. authorities. The parishioners […]

Proposed public charge rule change, tied up in court, has huge chilling effect on immigrants

By Mark Hedin Federal courts have temporarily blocked the public charge rule change from going into effect, but its chilling effects continue to reverberate. The number of immigrants who, fearing the consequences of the rule change, have taken or plan to take steps to drop out of public services for which they are eligible far exceeds the actual number who would […]

France to return Benin artworks by 2021: minister

France will return artworks taken from Benin during the colonial conquest of the region by the start of 2021, culture minister Franck Riester said Monday on a visit to the West African country. President Emmanuel Macron pledged last year to hand back 26 artefacts “without delay” in a landmark decision that has piled pressure on […]

Bronze Cockerel to be returned to Nigeria by Cambridge College

LANRE BAKARE Benin bronze statue at Jesus College to be repatriated after 1897 theft by British forces A bronze cockerel taken by British colonial forces and donated to Jesus College Cambridge is to be returned to Nigeria in an unprecedented step that adds momentum to the growing repatriations movement. The Okukor, described by the college […]

Women allowed to wear trousers in Sudan, Bashir’s NCP party dismantled

Sudan’s former ruling National Congress Party (NCP) has lashed out after the new Sovereign Council announced it had passed a law banning the party of ex-president Omar al Bashir and repealed misogynistic legislation banning women from attending parties or wearing trousers. “The party is not bothered by any law or decision issued against it as […]

African Union urges Britain to cede Chagos Islands, end ‘colonial’ rule

MAGGIE FICK The African Union on Friday called on Britain to withdraw from the Chagos Islands and end its “continued colonial administration” there after a U.N. deadline for it to do so expired. The Chagos Islands belong to the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius, according to an advisory opinion from the top United Nations […]