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China’s Loans to Africa: To Accept or Not to Accept

Critics of China’s largesse fear Africa is heading into perpetual debt; paving the way for an “economic re-colonization” of Africa by China. Apologists, however, believe this is the best way to get Africa out from its stagnated economy and facilitate socioeconomic emancipation, especially given the strings attached to loans from the Western institutions. Africa and […]

Welcome Madame President

Lawmakers in Ethiopia’s parliament have unanimously voted to elect Sahle-Work Zewde as the country’s first female president. The seasoned diplomat’s rise to the largely ceremonial post comes on the heels of the parliament’s approval of a “gender balanced” cabinet, with women now accounting for a record 50 percent of the newly appointed ministers. As the […]

Civil War Looms in Cameroon

Nearly three years after a strike by English-speaking lawyers and teachers protesting their marginalized position in predominately French-speaking Cameroon, the government’s response of force has rapidly escalated to levels of unprecedented violence between security forces and Anglophone separatists. A quarter of a million people have been displaced from their homes in the South West region […]

ROPAA in 2020 – We Demand the Constitutional Instrument Now! And not another committee, says PAM

by Dr. Kofi A. Boateng  I write for the New York City-based Progressive Alliance Movement that filed and won the High Court case to compel the Electoral Commission to develop the mandated constitutional instrument (CI) to implement ROPAA by December 31, 2018. That is exactly what is needed now. The order of mandamus (meaning you […]

China Loans in Africa

Africa and China have been headlining the international news recently, apparently for mutual benefits. After years of depending on IMF, World Bank, and the West for loans and/or grants for economic developments, the sleeping continent has now found a new partner in the giant of the East. Hitherto, Western-type loans had come with some stringent conditions that […]


by Kofi Ayim Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has praised the African Advisory Council he set up about eight years ago. The affable politician, who has been the Borough President for nine years, said he conceived the idea of giving Africans a mouthpiece after the killing of Amadou Diallo, an immigrant from Guinea, by four New York […]

U.S. Asks Investigators to Probe Whereabouts of Millions in Liberian Cash

by JAMES GIAHYUE Former President Olusegun The U.S. Embassy in Liberia said on Wednesday it had asked forensic investigators to carry out a preliminary probe into the possible disappearance of $100 million in newly printed notes in the impoverished West African nation. The currency scandal has sparked outrage and confusion in Liberia, where the central […]

Nigeria Needs President Who Understands the Economy – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo said yesterday Nigeria needed a President who understands the economy. Obasanjo, who stated this at the Foursquare Gospel Church’s annual public lecture in Lagos, quoted the words of his friend, Helmut Schmidt, a former chancellor of Germany, who said if the people in Africa have to make it, all their political […]

Bring ‘Em to New York City – Mayor Bill De Blasio

by KOFI AYIM New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has reiterated his stand of the city he superintends as all-inclusive. He decried as sad the politically fashionable view of blaming the ills of the U.S. on immigrants. De Blasio made this comment at the first African Heritage reception at Gracie Mansion September 26, 2018, […]

Ghana is at Peace – President Nana Addo

by KOFI AYIM The President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo says Ghana is very much at peace. The President made this observation to a cross section of the Ghanaian community at a dinner in Rochelle, New York, on September 23. He conceded that Ghana is currently experiencing economic challenges but “is […]