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$750 Million in Mining Revenues Fails to Reach Treasury in DRC

A toxic combination of corruption and mismanagement in Democratic Republic of Congo’s revenues agencies and state mining companies is leaching a fifth of all mining revenues away from the state budget, Global Witness reveals today. Its report ‘Regime Cash Machine’ shows that at least $750 million went missing over three years – money that should […]

Deepening food crisis pushes Nigeria’s northeast closer to famine: aid agency

Famine could soon strike tens of thousands of people in northeast Nigeria as food stocks run low, prices soar and aid supplies dwindle due to the Boko Haram insurgency, a leading humanitarian agency said on Monday. The hunger crisis is set to worsen by late August as the lean season before harvest takes its toll, […]

Mortgaging Atiwa Forest, Who Cares about Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Redd

Ghana is at a point of mortgaging the Bauxite deposit in the Atiwa forest and Nyinahin for the People’s Republic of China for some $15billion. Good as it may sound, it appears Ghana in our quest to mortgage the Bauxite deposits is losing sight of the fact that we are also mortgaging the livelihoods of […]

Ellen Edwards: Civil Court Judge Candidate That Is Here For the People

If you’ve been in the justice system in Brooklyn at any point then you’ve ran into Ellen Edwards. The veteran lawyer has served in all facets of the judicial system from starting out as a criminal defense lawyer to working on behalf of landlords and tenants in housing court to litigating contested trials in surrogate’s […]

Study Says Nixing TPS Immigration Program Would Harm Economy

by Rhina Guidos Citing the significant economic contributions of immigrants under a federal program known as Temporary Protected Status, a new study says ending the program — as some in the Trump administration have suggested — would negatively impact the U.S. economy. That’s because more than 80 percent of the approximately 325,000 immigrants in the […]

Clean Up Mess at Ghana’s Ports – Entrepreneur

by Kofi Ayim A Ghanaian entrepreneur has charged the government of Ghana to plug the leaks at Ghana ports to facilitate fluidity of clearing goods for optimized returns for the government. M r . Amo Acheampong, in an interview with Amandla, opined that several thousands of dollars are being siphoned into individual pockets because of a near Mafia-type syndicate at Ghana’s ports. Citing Tema harbor as […]

Ghana Chamber of Commerce, USA elect its first Board

The newly formed Ghana Chamber of Commerce, USA, Inc. (GCC-USA) held its second official meeting on January 24, 2017 at the Ghana Consulate in New York City. The purpose of the meeting was for the Interim Executive Committee that was constituted at the inaugural meeting on May 13, 2017 to report its progress, be disbanded, […]

Ghana is safe and stable, but its young people are still risking their lives to cross to Europe

by Brennan Weiss Kwesi Sampson made his first illegal trek across the Sa- hara desert nearly a decade ago in hopes of reaching Europe. He didn’t make it. Sampson worked construction jobs for three years in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, earning more money in one month than what he says he could make in two years […]

Neglected but not over: Burundi crisis continues to bite

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza announced his intention to seek a disputed third term more than two years ago, spawning a period of unrest marked by extrajudicial killings, a failed coup, and ethnic division. Given repeated assurances from government officials and the dearth of media coverage, you would be forgiven for thinking that period ended some […]

Development of African Railroads Is for Enhancement of Pan-African Trade, Writes China’s

China’s investments in the African railroads are designed to enhance the weak pan-African trade, says Global Times. “According to the African Export Import Bank, intra-African trade was only about 19% of the continent’s $930 billion traded last year. The rest was shipped out of the continent despite availability of mar- kets across Africa. This is […]