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Cameroon Suspends University Lecturer for Setting Exams on Anglophone Crisis.

Cameroon has suspended one of its lecturers at the University of Buea, its lone Anglo-Saxon University headquartered in Buea, capital of the country’s restive South West Region, National Telegraph can confirm. Agbor Nkongho Balla, Cameroonian Human Rights Lawyer, and Lecturer at the Faculty of Laws and Political Science in the Department of English Law is […]

As Coronavirus Fades in China, Nationalism and Xenophobia Flare

Now that the pandemic is raging outside China’s borders, foreigners are being shunned, barred from public spaces and even evicted. VIVIAN WANG & AMY QIN After 16 years in China, a Congolese businessman thought he knew what being black there entailed. He had been subjected to racial slurs and denied apartments, but he had also […]

Commuting in A Pandemic: These Health Workers Are Trekking and Canoeing

KEREN LANDMAN & CALEB OKEREKE Hellen Anek used to get to work by hopping on a boda boda, the motorcycle taxis ubiquitous throughout Uganda. Now she must walk two hours each way to and from her job as a hospital nurse in central Uganda’s Masaka district. Across Uganda, health care workers like Anek are taking […]

Unrefined Palm Oil Boosts Lung Immunity Against Covid-19

NUR YASMIN A study shows that unprocessed red palm oil helps to maintain lung immunity and respiratory health, strengthening’s one’s body defenses against the coronavirus that is causing the Covid-19 disease.   The product, also known as virgin red palm oil, can help maintain an adequate amount of a substance crucial for the body’s immune system. […]

Sudan bans female genital mutilation, UNICEF vows to help support new law

The United Nations Childen’s Fund (UNICEF) welcomed the landmark move by Sudan’s transitional government this week to criminalize female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), with a three-year jail sentence for offenders. “This practice is not only a violation of every girl child’s rights, it is harmful and has serious consequences for a girl’s physical and mental health,” […]

Poop could help stop the pandemic. Really.

Wastewater offers a promising way to track the virus, a top CDC doctor says. The federal government is eyeing a new strategy for monitoring the spread of the deadly coronavirus. It involves poop. The U.S. has struggled to keep pace with other advanced countries on coronavirus testing, and now is considering tracking the spread of […]

Tuskegee is on our mind!

In early April of this year, two French doctors suggested on French television the idea of testing a vaccine against coronavirus in Africa. The two were not your ordinary physicians. Camille Locht is the head of research at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Lille, while Jean-Paul Mira is the head […]

Drones Are Delivering COVID-19 Tests in Ghana. Could the U.S. Be Next?

ARYN BAKER Bismark Sarkodie had a situation on his hands. As the Municipal Director of Health Services for a rural district of Ghana, he had ordered an entire camp of 244 construction workers into quarantine when three of them tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Two weeks later the camp residents were desperate to get […]

The pandemic can be a catalyst for decolonization in Africa.

As the West focuses on its own survival, Africans have the opportunity to complete what their ancestors started. DAVID MWAMBARI The Western “brand” is suffering from what many see as a “slow and haphazard” response by Western governments to the COVID-19 outbreak. As the epicenter of the pandemic moved from China to Europe and now […]

Hundreds of migrants stuck in Niger amid coronavirus pandemic

As countries close borders to curb spread of coronavirus, aid groups in Niger ‘overwhelmed’ by requests of support. GIACOMO ZANDONINI While countries across Africa have been closing their borders as part of efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, migrants and people on the move are paying a high price. Over the past two weeks, hundreds […]