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‘F**k off’ – African grey parrots removed from UK wildlife park for swearing at visitors

FRANCIS AKHALBEY Management at a wildlife park in Britain have had to remove and separate a group of five African grey parrots from public view after the birds developed a habit of constantly swearing at visitors and staff of the facility. According to CNN Travel, the five birds – Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy […]

Macron Is Paying the Price for France’s Bloody History in Africa

ANIA NUSSBAUM The severed heads of the resistance fighters were displayed in a market square first. Then they were shipped back to private collections in Paris. For decades, they were boxed up in a museum basement and finally, this July, Emmanuel Macron sent them home. As the Algerian military transport taxied to halt, the country’s […]

Basic Similarities between Ancient Egyptians/Others and the Akan People

KOFI AYIM As Gardiner explains of ancient Egypt, “Among officials whose duty it was to look after the king’s own person there were sandal bearers, keepers of the robes and crowns, barbers, and physicians, the last sometimes highly specialized like oculists, stomach doctors, and the like. A host of servants were employed in kitchen and […]

When Africa was a German laboratory

Western scientists transformed Africa into a living laboratory during the sleeping sickness epidemics of the early 20th century. They should not be allowed to do the same now. At the turn of the 20th century, epidemics of trypanosomiasis, or “sleeping sickness” as it is more commonly known, started to appear across Africa. A vector-borne parasitic […]

One Year On, Tunisia’s #MeToo Movement Grapples with Race

BAN BARKAWI In Tunisia, Black women continue to face unequal job prospects and are often subjected to sexual harassment Feminist activist Khawla Ksiksi did not expect a backlash from supporters of her country’s #MeToo movement when she used the campaign to highlight the double discrimination faced by Black women in Tunisia. Inspired by the global […]

French MPs vote to return stolen West African artifacts

ABU MUBARIK Lawmakers in France have unanimously voted to return stolen artifacts in the possession of the French government for more than a century to Benin and Senegal. The bill for the restitution of the stolen artifacts will now head to the Senate and if approved, it will be returned to the two West African […]

Momentum drains from West African common currency plans

Hopes raised by West African leaders of finally launching this year their “Eco” common currency, in the pipeline for three decades, have faded as the coronavirus crisis and squabbling over severing the remaining monetary ties to former colonial ruler France snarl progress. Chiefs of the 15-nation Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) regional bloc […]

Common currency in West Africa stalled

The road to a Euro style common West African or ECOWAS currency is littered with uncertainty and lack of mutual understanding, among other economic factors. Even more pressing is the continuous domination of France that continues to drive the political and economic realities of its former West African colonies. The establishment of a common currency […]

Mauritius Oil Spill – Japanese Ship Operator Pledges to Help Pay for Clean-Up

The Japanese ship operator of the tanker that leaked over 1,000 tons of oil off the coast of Mauritius in July has pledged $9 million toward clean-up efforts. The oil spill has damaged mangroves and coral reefs. The Japanese operator of a ship that leaked oil off the Mauritius coast pledged Friday to pay at […]

UNICEF Criticizes Sentencing of 13-Year Old for Blasphemy in Nigeria

TIMOTHY OBIEZU The United Nations Children’s Agency, UNICEF, has condemned a Nigerian court for upholding a 10-year prison sentence with manual labor for a 13-year-old boy convicted of blasphemy.  The Sharia court in the northern Nigerian state of Kano convicted Omar Farouq in August of using foul language against Allah during an argument with a […]