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Are NPP MPs Anti- Democratic or Insane?

by KOFI ATA | CAMBRIDGE, UK Last week, I read about a constitutional amendment to be submitted at the Extra-Ordinary Delegates’ Conference of the ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) to exclude party members in the Diaspora from contesting national executive positions. The proposal was strongly opposed by the Diaspora branches and as this matter was of interest to me, though not a member of the […]

Ghanaian entrepreneur poised to make waves in cosmetics products

by KOFI AYIM Isaac Kusi has known the benefits of shea butter for a very long time in his native Ghana. He also knew that the thick paste of shea butter commonly found in northern Ghana would assume international status within a matter of years. In 1988 he started to import finished products of shea butter from Germany and distributed them to select outlets […]

New book probes the life of a King and a Culture

by Ben ALEXANDER Anyone who read Kofi Ayim’s comprehensive work The Akan of Ghana, released in 2015, might have concluded from the enormity of the work that he had said all there was to say about the Akan of Ghana. However, the New Jersey-based scholar, who is himself an Akan, is back with a new volume that […]

Six Ghanaians perish in Bronx inferno

Six Ghanaians lost their lives in a freak fire accident in the Bronx, on December 28, 2017. They were among thirteen people who died in the inferno when a 3-year old boy who was playing with the burners of a gas range ignited a fire. According to New York City Fire Department officials, in an apparent panic or attempt to […]

Coup Capital: The country where revolts happen more than anywhere else in Africa

by Megan Palin It’s the country that is only 43 years old. But in that time there has been 10 bloody coups, with plenty of other attempts foiled. It’s the coup capital of Africa after experiencing 10 attempts to overthrow the government. Burkina Faso, a landlocked nation in West Africa, is also one of the […]

The legacy of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

There was once a great empire called Monomotapa, a vast stretch of land that encompassed present day Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and parts of what we know as South Africa. The indigenous of this vast powerful empire were very adept at iron works before Europeans set foot on the empire. Once they arrived, things fell apart. […]

Let’s Preserve the Ecosystem – Professor Asare Opoku

by Kofi Ayim Professor Kofi Asare Opoku, a retired college professor, has pleaded as a matter of urgency for Ghanaians and Africans to protect and preserve their natural habitats. He decried the consistent and gradual depletion of hitherto fallow natural habitats bequeathed to contemporary Ghanaians by their ancestors. In an interview with Amandla, the former […]

Prepare for Loved Ones – Funeral Director Advises

by Kofi Ayim A funeral home owner has advised the African community in the U.S. to face reality and prepare for their loved ones when death comes knocking. Mr. Clarence Wright of Clarence B. Wright Funeral Home in Irvington, New Jersey pointed out in an interview with Amandla that, because land is a finite quantity, ground burial would be a thing of the […]

In East Africa, Uber and its rivals are fighting over drivers rather than passengers

by Abdi Latif Dahir Last month, the Estonian ridesharing platform Taxify, revealed it was launching in the Ugandan capital city, Kampala. What’s interesting about the company’s launch there is that it’s equally focused on marketing the promise of lower prices for riders as it is on taking lower commission fees from drivers: 15% instead of […]

Ghana: Parliament probes visa applicants maltreatment

The Speaker of Parliament, Prof Mike Oquaye has charged the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament to thoroughly investigate reports of inhumane treatment meted out to Ghanaians who go to the foreign embassies to apply for visas. The order from the Speaker follows a statement on the floor of parliament on Wednesday by the National Democratic […]