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Remittance Income Boosts Growth

by EMMA OKONJI Despite experiencing an overall market slowdown, countries across the continent are reported to have a positive economic outlook. Countries in the East African region are projected to grow by 6.3% due to inflows, with remittances serving as a key economic driver for most countries across all regions. The third quarter 2018 report […]

Think Twice About Hair Care Products

by NEDRA RHONE Next time you reach for your go-to product to fix your hair issues, turn the bottle over and start listing the ingredients. From endocrine disruptors, prohibited chemicals, to other dangerous additives, black women in particular are exposed to potentially dozens of dangerous chemicals on a regular basis through widely used hair care products. […]

Zimbabwe Facing Worst Economic Crisis in Decade

by FARAI MUTSAKA Lines for petrol snake for hours, prices increase daily on food, medicines, and even rations on beer. The government has deemed the situation as temporary problems and necessary pain towards rebuilding the nation’s economy. But with empty shelves, rationed essentials and increasing costs for vital medicines, memories of the 2008 economic crisis are […]

Sierra Leone to China: Thanks, But No Thanks

Less than a month after returning from the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing, Sierra President Julius Maada Bio has opted to pull the plug on a controversial $400M international airport project at Mamamah, with Chinese financing. As one of the poorest nations in Africa, Sierra Leone has gone against the tide of governments across […]

Concluding our serialization of the book JACK CUDJO

You can buy Jack Cudjoe: Newark’s Revolutionary Soldier and First Black Businessman on Amazon Cudjo versus Cudjo During the Revolutionary War, John Murray, Earl of Dunmore and governor of Virginia established the Ethiopian Regiment for the loyalists. While General George Washington was being pressured by his commanders to recruit slaves for the war, Lord Dunmore, […]


by Prof. Kofi Asare Opoku At this critical time in our history, and after centuries of unrelenting denigration of Africans because of their skin colour and other external bodily features by others who have even sought to ground their attitude on the Bible, it is grievously disheartening to observe that some Africans continue to give […]


Amandla Staff Reporter Some sixty-one years ago, Ghana was a poor and unstable newly independent country with a population of about seven million people, untried institutions, yet with an ambitious domestic and international agenda.  Now, the West Africa nation is seen as “middle income and middle class with a large and still young population of […]


Last month several African leaders met in China for a historic economic session with Chinese leaders. Dubbed the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), the “Ethiopia in Beijing” summit understandably put the West in a quandary because it sees China as chipping away at its socio-economic (and probably cultural) hold and gain on Africa since Europeans […]

Ilhan Omar Set to Become First Somali- American Member of Congress

This November, Ilhan Omar is on track to become the first Somali-American elected to the United States Congress, after winning a heated Democratic primary in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District. Omar, a 36-year-old Somali and former refugee who immigrated to the United States as a teenager, beat a packed field of six candidates in the race […]

“Let’s Look Back Home”

by Kofi Ayim Dr. Nelson Oke Aluya, assistant professor of medicine at New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey, has entreated his fellow citizens of Nigeria to look back home and render generous services to the needy and less unfortunate. He observed that the task requires collective responsibility to prosecute it. He challenged […]