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‘F**k off’ – African grey parrots removed from UK wildlife park for swearing at visitors

FRANCIS AKHALBEY Management at a wildlife park in Britain have had to remove and separate a group of five African grey parrots from public view after the birds developed a habit of constantly swearing at visitors and staff of the facility. According to CNN Travel, the five birds – Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy […]

Mauritius Oil Spill – Japanese Ship Operator Pledges to Help Pay for Clean-Up

The Japanese ship operator of the tanker that leaked over 1,000 tons of oil off the coast of Mauritius in July has pledged $9 million toward clean-up efforts. The oil spill has damaged mangroves and coral reefs. The Japanese operator of a ship that leaked oil off the Mauritius coast pledged Friday to pay at […]

UNICEF Criticizes Sentencing of 13-Year Old for Blasphemy in Nigeria

TIMOTHY OBIEZU The United Nations Children’s Agency, UNICEF, has condemned a Nigerian court for upholding a 10-year prison sentence with manual labor for a 13-year-old boy convicted of blasphemy.  The Sharia court in the northern Nigerian state of Kano convicted Omar Farouq in August of using foul language against Allah during an argument with a […]

First Coffee College Puts down Roots in Addis

HAGOS GEBREAMLAK The first institute of higher education that will deliver courses and conduct research solely focused on the coffee industry is setting foot in Ethiopia with an investment of 50 million euros. The handily named Coffee College, scheduled to start delivering courses next year, will offer six courses in the undergraduate Coffee Industry programme: […]

Big Oil Is in Trouble. Its Plan: Flood Africa With Plastic.

Faced with plunging profits and a climate crisis that threatens fossil fuels, the industry is demanding a trade deal that weakens Kenya’s rules on plastics and on imports of American trash. HOROKO TABUCHI, MICHAEL CORKERY & CARLOS MUREITHI Confronting a climate crisis that threatens the fossil fuel industry, oil companies are racing to make more […]

Outrage as Faki and Ramaphosa muscle out competition for AU Chair’s position

At a time when the African continent is fully embracing democratic form of governance; at a time when coup leaders in Mali have been treated with zero tolerance by ECOWAS; and at a time when Africa needs it most, political competition for the person who leads the executive arm of the African Union has been […]

Water already dwindling, Egypt’s farmers fear impact of dam

SAMY MAGDY In the winter of 1964, Makhluf Abu Kassem was born in this agricultural community newly created at the far end of Egypt’s Fayoum oasis. His parents were among the village’s first settlers, moving here three years earlier from the Nile Valley to carve out a new life as farmers. It was a bright […]

Tobacco companies sue South African government over smoking ban

As lockdown ban on the sale of tobacco lifts, firms launch lawsuits over ‘bizarre and irregular’ prohibition. MIA SWART Tobacco companies are determined to move forward with litigation against the South African government for its banning of tobacco products during the nearly five-month coronavirus lockdown. The tobacco ban – the only one of its kind […]

Antoine-Guillaume Amo (a.k.a. Anthony William Amo; Anton Wilhelm Amo)

KOFI AYIM Antoine-Guillaume Amo was born in 1703 at a small fishing village near Axim in what is now the Western Region of Ghana. He arrived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands not as a slave, but with the consent of his parents through the Netherlands African Company and the preacher Johannes van der Star. In Amsterdam […]

Forced labor, prostitution and child marriages: rescuing victims of trafficking in Malawi

Human trafficking is a problem in Malawi, with teenage boys forced to work as farm laborer’s, and young women to sexual exploitation in nightclubs or bars. The UN is supporting the Malawian governments to end the practice and protect vulnerable people. The six men from Nepal believed they were heading to the United States for […]