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DR Congo: UN seeks $64 million to tackle humanitarian crisis in Kasaï region

The United Nations has appealed for $64.5 million to respond to the urgent needs of 731,000 people over the next six months in the Kasaï region, the latest “humanitarian hotspot” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). “The Kasaï crisis is an acute crisis of massive proportions in a country that is already going […]

US military ending role in hunt for elusive African warlord Joseph Kony

by Ryan Browne America’s role in the hunt for Lord Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony has officially begun to draw to a close, even though the notorious warlord is still on the loose. Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and he and his militia have been accused of killing thousands […]

5 African nations selected for Human Science Lab’s Global Critical Thinking Project

5 African nations – South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, and Tunisia has been identified as world’s potential ‘Critical Thinking Hub’ and will join the league of a global list of countries drawn from all continents for the ‘Global Critical Thinking Project.’ The Global Critical Thinking Project is a worldwide program launched by Human Science Lab, […]

Africa Trade Meeting Has No Africans after U.S. Visa Denials

By Michelle Quinn Los Angeles — Each year, the University of Southern California brings delegations from Africa to meet with business leaders, government officials and others in the U.S. But this year, the African summit has no Africans. All were denied visas. Visa issues are not uncommon for people traveling from African nations. During her […]

New Gambia New Migration

by Louie Hunt “I am very happy to be home,” said 18-year-old Mohammed Nyabally, sitting on the steps of his uncle’s house in Serekunda, a town near The Gambia’s coast. Just two weeks earlier, he was languishing in a prison near Tripoli; his third spell in detention during the nine months he spent in Libya […]

African Refugees Look North to Canada as U.S. Deportations Rise

Refugees including some from Africa have been trekking through subzero weather at the northern U.S. border with Canada in a bid to escape a new wave of deportations from the U.S. Last week, a family of eight reportedly from the Sudan managed to cross the border just as a U.S. immigration official attempted to block […]

Tanzania fights illicit drugs, but at what expense?

by General Ulimwengu Tanzania continues to fight against illicit drugs. A recently-released list of “drug pushers,” including the names of politicians and artistes, has raised questions about the role of the government in such a crackdown. There should be nothing new in any effort made by government officials to curb the use of and the trading […]

Nigeria: Journalists’ Arrest Tests Powerful Army

by Tami Hultman Washington, DC — The January 19 raid on the offices of an online investigative news organization in Nigeria’s capital Abuja is part of a continuing government attempt to quash bad publicity. Dapo Olorunyomi, the widely respected publisher of Premium Times, was arrested, along with judicial reporter Evelyn Okakwu, after the site published […]

Zimbabwe: Revealed – Mugabe ‘Paying Half a Million Dollars in Yearly Rentals for a Villa in Dubai’

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s lavish spending has been exposed in his wife’s court battle with a Lebanese tycoon over a botched $1.35m diamond ring deal. New court documents filed by businessman Jamal Ahmed opposing First Lady Grace Mugabe’s move to seek to overturn a provisional order against her, showed that the Mugabe family was paying […]

Gambia: Barrow Names Woman Vice-President

President Adama Barrow has appointed as deputy leader a woman who had vowed to prosecute exiled leader Yahya Jammeh. Barrow, still in Senegal, said the appointment was designed to address gender imbalance. Gambian President Adama Barrow’s newly appointed vice president, Fatoumata Tambajang, is a former United Nations Development Program staffer who was instrumental in uniting […]