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Autobiography from 1831 provides rare, firsthand account of a Muslim slave in America

He was 37 when the army of “wicked men” invaded his West African village, murdering many and absconding with others who they put on a ship for the six-week journey to Charleston, South Carolina. “There, they sold me to a small, weak and wicked man called Johnson, a complete infidel who had no fear of […]

Gov’t Bans Teenage Mothers from School

by CATHERINE SOI Tanzanian President John Magufuli banned teenage mothers from returning to public schools in a decree. In Tanzania, teenage pregnancy can cost young mothers the opportunity to get an education. President John Magufuli’s decree banning teenage mothers from returning to public schools is strictly enforced, and teachers who refuse to comply are disciplined. In […]

Kenya to be Named ‘Anchor’ of Trump’s Africa Policy

by KEVIN J. KELLY Kenya will reportedly be named an “anchor” country when the Trump administration unveils its Africa policy on Thursday. National Security Advisor John Bolton, known for his hard-line foreign-policy views, is set to outline a new approach to Africa that puts emphasis on countering perceived threats to US interests on the continent, […]

Patients Go Untreated as Doctors Strike

Seven-year-old Carlos Kamara needs urgent surgery on a collapsed lung after he swallowed a toy whistle. Instead, all he can do is lie in pain in a half-empty hospital ward waiting to be seen. A doctors’ strike in Sierra Leone has paralysed an already threadbare health system in one of the world’s poorest countries, leaving […]

‘Tema Harbour is More Efficient:’ Director of Ports

by KOFI AYIM The director of the largest port in Ghana, Mr. Edward Osei, has high-lighted efficiency at the Tema Port since the government introduced novel ways to streamline processes. Mr. Osei, who was appointed to the position about eighteen months ago, said the elimination of red tapeism and unending bureaucracy has facilitated efficiency in […]

Canada Rejects 70.7% of Nigerian Asylum Seekers Who Crossed Borders

by SAMSON TOROMADE A recent Reuters report revealed that about 56% of refugee claims finalised between January and September 2018 were accepted, but the acceptance rates are lower for border-crossers, with Nigerians and Haitians forming the largest groups. Nigerians make up a sizeable majority of thousands of people who have walked into Canada from the […]

U.S. Asks Investigators to Probe Whereabouts of Millions in Liberian Cash

by JAMES GIAHYUE Former President Olusegun The U.S. Embassy in Liberia said on Wednesday it had asked forensic investigators to carry out a preliminary probe into the possible disappearance of $100 million in newly printed notes in the impoverished West African nation. The currency scandal has sparked outrage and confusion in Liberia, where the central […]

Nigeria Needs President Who Understands the Economy – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo said yesterday Nigeria needed a President who understands the economy. Obasanjo, who stated this at the Foursquare Gospel Church’s annual public lecture in Lagos, quoted the words of his friend, Helmut Schmidt, a former chancellor of Germany, who said if the people in Africa have to make it, all their political […]

An Islamist Insurgency Brews in Mozambique

An emerging radical Islamist movement in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province has led to the implementation of night-time curfews and the need for military convoy escorts through some areas. While the movement is still very small and distant from the key tourist areas in the south, this growing threat should not be ignored. Residents of Naunde […]

Ghana Bans Tilapia and Ornamental Fish Imports

by EFUA KONYIM OKAI Ghana’s Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture has announced a ban on the import of “all ornamental shes and tilapia species.” The ban, which applies to both live and dead fish, as well as eggs and milt follows reports of cases of tilapia lake virus in various parts of Africa, Asia and […]