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GHANA: Quality of Life & Tourism

Sanitation Courts Since Ghana’s political Independence in 1957, various governments have sought to reconnect and attract home Africans in the diaspora who wished to relocate. Ghana’s first President Kwame Nkrumah set the pace with the relocation of icons like W.E.B. Dubois, George Padmore, etc. Under the government of President J. J. Rawlings the Pan African […]

Ghana: Time to review the One Man One Vote policy

Every democratic institution that yearns for progress must periodically re-assess itself, revise its untenable processes, procedures and protocols and realign the objectives to attain its set goals. Any institution that fails to improve upon its existing rules, regulations, or constitution is doomed to fail. Nothing new is achieved when same input is fed unto a […]


Last month’s murder of a black man in Minnesota by a white police officer and his associates is not unprecedented in U.S. history so far as police brutality against non-white people are concerned. The United States of America is blighted with a long, shameful, and notorious history of visiting massacre and mayhem, covertly or overtly, […]

Finding a cure for COVID-19 in Africa

The race for a remedy for coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19 has gathered full steam as the pandemic is unrelentingly devastating countries. In the United States, more than a million people have been infected with more than 104,000 dead at the time of writing. Finding a cure and relief for such a virus is a […]

Tuskegee is on our mind!

In early April of this year, two French doctors suggested on French television the idea of testing a vaccine against coronavirus in Africa. The two were not your ordinary physicians. Camille Locht is the head of research at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Lille, while Jean-Paul Mira is the head […]

Coronavirus in Ghana – Matters Arising

On Friday March 27, 2020, the President of the Republic of Ghana announced a partial lockdown of the metropolitan areas of Accra and Kumasi. His message was warmly received internationally more so than in Ghana, where everything is perceived in terms of politics. The President gave a 48-hour notice for the partial lockdown to be […]

Of epidemic, pandemic et al…How prepared Is Africa?

Human development has been characterized by tangible and intangible challenges. From hunter-gathering times through agrarian and industrial societies epidemics and pandemics have altered the course of history and development. The first documented pandemic – the Justinian Plague – in 541 AD was estimated to have killed over 50 million people in three centuries. The second […]


For the past several centuries, Africa has been the mother continent that has been feeding the rest of the world in almost all facets of life. From religion, science, mathematics, philosophy, and almost any conceivable discipline, the world has learned and gained immensely from the cradle of civilization. Early Africans in Egypt, Ethiopia, and other […]

Ghana – NO ROPAA, NO VOTE in 2020!

(Guest editorial) Article 42 of Ghana’s current Constitution of 1992 states that every Ghanaian aged 18 years old and older, and of sound mind, has the right to be registered and to vote in national elections and referenda. Note that the right to vote is for ALL Ghanaians, with no reference or restriction on place […]

Stop the Religious madness in Africa!

In November 1978, more than 900 people, including 304 children, lost their lives in the jungles of South America through the acts and actions of Rev. Jim Jones. The American faith leader had relocated his Peoples Temple with its congregation from the U.S. to Jonestown, Guyana, from the prying eyes of U.S. authorities. The parishioners […]