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Who actually won the 2012 Election Petition in Ghana?

In this issue of Amandla we have a synopsis of a report by a notable Nigerian legal expert on elections in Africa, Bamidele Aturu commissioned by the Ford Foundation on the petition hearings of the 2012 Elections in Ghana. In our view, Mr. Aturu’s expert review questions the sagacity and the judicial wisdom in the […]

Ghana’s Inspector General of Police threatens to jam social media on election day

Inspector General of Police John Kudalor has threatened to shut off social media on the day of general elections in November this year. This, he reckons, would allow for a peaceful election. His statement shook the country’s media, the opposition party and most people whose jobs and daily endeavors relied on social media. Some civil […]

Ghana’s limited registration – a recipe for clear and potential disaster

Ghana’s Electoral Commission opened a limited window of opportunity for qualified Ghanaians to register and have a chance to vote in the November elections. Further to the attendant violence and criminal acts by some political parties aimed at rigging the elections, the exercise does not portend a free and safe general elections in November. Some […]

Is it incompetence or over confidence?

We thought Prosper Bani, Ghana’s new minister of the interior would recant his inadvertent exposure of the Electoral Commission that went awry. He has still not apologized to the good people of Ghana. We are not aware if he has apologized to his boss and his party. NDC General Secretary Asiedu Nketiah and National Organizer […]

Ghana’s EC treading on dangerous path

Two institutions that have recently scarred themselves but need to salvage their integrity in Ghana are the judiciary and the electoral commission. While the former has started some bold initiatives to reclaim its status and dignity, the latter seems to be intentionally digging its grave in the soil of public confidence. Ever since Ms Charlotte […]

Ghana’s infamous Guests

Ghanaians woke up early January 2016 to the shock and surprise of their lives: the government announced that it had brought in two former detainees of Guantanamo Bay as its guests for the next two years. The arrangements and agreements between Ghana and the US were shrouded in secrecy in much the same way the […]

Ghanaians are only asking for trouble-free elections

Ghana’s Electoral Commission has rejected the call by most opposition political parties and some civil society and religious bodies for a new voters register. The EC officially took this stand after a five-member committee appointed by the EC to look into the need or otherwise of a New Voters Register. The EC rather prefers to […]

Corruption: Ghana is #2 in Africa

Ghana’s fight against corruption has been dealt a deadly blow. The corruption perception index by Transparency International (TI) ranked the West African nation the second most corrupt country in Africa behind South Africa. The last time TI published its rankings, Ghana was placed in the 60s. This time around TI’s list of the most corrupt […]

Remove these traditional rulers!

“I was surprised that the people of the Eastern Region promised President Mahama 50 percent of the votes but I am promising that we will give the president 80 percent of the total votes in the region.” This is the assurance given to President John D. Mahama by Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawiri, the Chief of […]

Judicial Corruption in Ghana

By Kwabena Opong When Anas Aremeyaw Anas publicized his sting operation to expose more than 170 employees of Ghana’s judicial service, including judges of the superior courts, magistrates and paralegals it shocked Ghanaians, but the surprise factor was not really high ironically. Some merely shrugged and said their suspicions have been proven. But the shock […]