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Indiscipline, the bane of a nation’s development

ON Saturday, October 7, 2017, a gas explosion hit a part of Accra and claimed seven lives. Three died immediately while four died on admission in hospital. Many others are still in hospital receiving treatment from burns and other related injuries. One thing most noticeable in Ghana’s capital and most urban towns are gasoline stations […]

The man called Peter John Amewu

Ghana’s Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Peter John Amewu was not so named for nothing (we don’t know the meaning of his other two non-African names). He is worthy of and “more than” his name if indications of job deliverability are anything to go by. Appointed as Ghana’s Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources […]

End corruption at Ghana Mission

In our March issue, we ran a front page article on malfeasance we discovered at the Ghana Mission/Consulate in New York City regarding the issue of visas to Ghana. We sent a note to the Mission for its response and reaction to the allegation, but we never heard anything, and we went to press with […]

Nana Addo says it as he sees it

Opposition elements in Ghana are complaining that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo failed to accomplish the expectations of his compatriots in his State of the Nation Address in late February. The president, as a matter of fact, did just that: he described the state of the nation to Ghanaians. But the opposition wanted more: […]

Ghanaians abroad want recognition from Akufo Addo government

The new Akufo Addo administration has hit the ground running with the creation of 36 ministers that manifests the NPP’s campaign promise. By the time of going to press the president had sworn in 12 ministers. The minority NDC, as usual, is already raising red flags over some of the ministers and ministries calling them […]

EDITORIAL: Good Faith Appointments?

Further to the engagement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the quondam NDC government, to help infuse credibility in the Ghanaian economy, the employment of a cate- gory of workers was stanched. Recruitment into the civil service, education service and the health care delivery services had to be sus- pended as per IMF stipulations. […]

GHANA: NPP Bounces Back to Power

Elections are dicey. Gifting or vote-buying or anything that seeks to influence voters does not win elections. Essentially, elections are referenda on government. The recent general elections in Ghana clearly spelled out the people’s feelings about the government of the NDC. The voters expressed themselves in a loud and clear manner vocally saying that performance […]

NPP Manifesto: A blueprint for development

As party manifestos go, even the best has been rarely practical but looks perfect on paper. Ghana’s major opposition New Patriotic Party a couple of weeks ago introduced a manifesto many experts agree is commonsensical and applicable. We make this observation on the grounds of the past record of the NPP whose eight year tenure […]

CHRAJ pulls a fast one on Ghanaians

CHRAJ’s report regarding the Ford gift from Burkinabe contractor Djibril Kanazoe smacks of a hushed job done to please a beleaguered president in an election year. The entirety of the report is not yet available to Amandla but the little we have read does not show any professionalism and defies the constitution. We dare disagree […]

Ghana: Presidential Pardon

Considering the response to Ghana’s President John Mahama’s reprieve of the four-month sentence for contempt of the Supreme Court by Salifu Maase (alias Mugabe), Alistair Nelson, and Ako Gunn (the Muntie 3), there is no doubt that the president flexed his constitutional muscle for political gains and reasons. We find it rather disturbing that President […]