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Jury still out on huge mangrove regeneration project in Senegal

by CISSOKHO LASSANA Billed as the largest mangrove restoration programme in the world, a project in the Saloum Delta in western Senegal aims to undo decades of damage to a vital ecosystem, but critics say the scheme dispossesses the local community and amounts to little more than “ocean grab.” Climate change (lower rainfall, rising sea levels, and harsh droughts) coupled with unsustainable human exploitation has seen […]

Sierra Leone mudslide survivors remember day the mountain moved

By Stephanie Busari “It happened as if it was a dream,” says Gabriel Fattah Manga, recalling the day his world came tumbling down around him, and his life changed forever. Early last Monday morning Manga, 25, was preparing to head to work as a carpenter in the Regent area of Freetown, Sierra Leone, when he […]

Mortgaging Atiwa Forest, Who Cares about Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Redd

Ghana is at a point of mortgaging the Bauxite deposit in the Atiwa forest and Nyinahin for the People’s Republic of China for some $15billion. Good as it may sound, it appears Ghana in our quest to mortgage the Bauxite deposits is losing sight of the fact that we are also mortgaging the livelihoods of […]

CBC Investigation: Cell Phones Violate Government Radiation Limits

An independently commissioned investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) found that when cell phones were radiation tested in the ways devices are commonly used—such as in the pocket, bra or lap—the radiation detected inside the user’s body surpassed the government allowable maximum level. In this week’s CBC award-winning Marketplace program entitled “The secret inside […]

Rising Sea Levels Threatening Ghana’s Coastal Villages

Fuvemeh, one of Ghana’s coastal villages, is vanishing because of coastal erosion. Waves have taken whole parts of the village with them into the sea. What was once a thriving fishing community was three miles from the coast a few years back. Now the waves are just a few feet away. “This used to be […]

DNA hints at earlier human exodus from Africa

By Paul Rincon Hints of an early exodus of modern humans from Africa may have been detected in living humans. People outside Africa overwhelmingly trace their descent to a group that left the continent 60,000 years ago. Now, analysis of nearly 500 human genomes appears to have turned up the weak signal of an earlier […]

Your brain has a ‘physics engine,’ and scientists have located it

Bahar Gholipour The brain knows instinctively how to predict when accidents are about to happen If you’ve never been particularly good at physics in school, it might make you feel better to know that at the very least, your brain comes with a built-in “physics engine.” In a new study published Monday in Proceedings of […]


Akwaaba! In Ghana, the word akwaaba is widely used as a welcoming greeting. Welcome to Ghana, and a look at the state of healthcare in this developing nation. In this series, I will be describing different facets of today’s healthcare system in Ghana, from the small rural village clinic to the most prestigious teaching hospital […]

Protecting Virunga National Park from oil companies

Africa’s oldest national park is under threat – 60 NGOs sign call for action. Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet. For the past three years Global Witness has been driving a major international campaign to stop oil companies drilling in […]

Zika virus found in saliva and urine

February 6, 2016 IN a sign of mounting global concern over the Zika virus, health officials have warned pregnant women to think twice about the lips they kiss and called on men to use condoms with pregnant partners if they have visited countries where the virus is present. UN officials also called on many Catholic-majority […]