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Congo-Brazzaville’s Hidden War Rages On

The shells of burnt-out vehicles rust in the rain and crumbling houses poke out through the overgrown brush. The village of Soumouna in Congo-Brazzaville’s southern Pool region lies empty and guarded by soldiers, but there’s undeniable evidence of what happened here 20 months ago. Isma Nkodia, 25, said she was passing through the village at four in the afternoon when government […]

Does drone technology hold promise for the UN?

Drone technology appears to be taking off at the United Nations, with unmanned aer- ial vehicles (UAVs) being used for various purposes, including in humanitarian, de- velopment and peacekeeping operations. Although this technology is not a magic solution, “the promise of drones is really tremendous,” said Christopher Fabian, principal advisor on innovation at the UN […]

Chinese, Italian firms reach deal to refill fast-shrinking Lake Chad

By Kimeng Hilton Ndukong – Peoples Daily Hopes have been revived for the 40 million people who depend on Lake Chad for their livelihoods following the signing last June in Hangzhou, China, of a deal between Chinese construction giant, PowerChina and the Italian firm, Bonifica Spa. However, the news was only made public at the beginning […]

Ghana is safe and stable, but its young people are still risking their lives to cross to Europe

by Brennan Weiss Kwesi Sampson made his first illegal trek across the Sa- hara desert nearly a decade ago in hopes of reaching Europe. He didn’t make it. Sampson worked construction jobs for three years in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, earning more money in one month than what he says he could make in two years […]

A way of life under threat in Kenya as Lake Turkana shrinks

Layeni/Kenya The last native speaker of the Elmolo language reportedly died sometime in the 1970s. By then, only a few hundred Elmolo remained, eking out a living on Kenya’s southern waters of Lake Turkana as they always had, drinking its brackish waters and fishing for catfish, tilapia, and Nile perch. Thanks to intermarriage with other […]

Displaced and neglected: Ethiopia’s desperate drought victims

by James Jeffrey Dead camels rot on the outskirts of informal settlements in Ethiopia’s rain-starved Somali region as their owners, once proudly self-sufficient pastoralists, turn to government aid to stay alive. Ethiopia is facing a drought so terrible that nomadic herders, the hardiest of survivors, have been pushed to the brink. The lucky ones receive […]

Ghana: The Rigging Mentality. By Brig-Gen J. Odei

In the political history of this country, no political leader has been subjected to insults, humiliation, abuse of his human rights etc. than Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, the President elect of the Republic of Ghana. Losing an election is very unpleasant but losing two or more elections can be a very devastating experience and […]

Burundi mental scars deepen as fear rules

By Jeffrey Williams She’s watching the road just outside her house, sitting on a tree trunk used as a barricade during anti-government protests last year against President Pierre Nkurunziza. And she’s talking to herself. “This person walks like Benny. Even his shirt looks like Benny’s,” she says, her grief heavy, as a man walks past […]

South Sudan: “This fighting will continue to our children”

Amanda Sperber Salah spent most of his early life as a student in Uganda, where he acquired the excel- lent English he speaks. In 2003, he moved back home to South Sudan. Since then, he has worked as a farmer in the fertile southern Equatoria region. This is not the future he had in mind. […]

Algeria: the new migrant staging post for Europe

By Saskia Houttuin and Eva Huson Gerwinio never feels completely safe when he walks around Algiers. The other day, the 27-year-old from Benin was taking an evening stroll when he heard monkey sounds coming from a group of laughing teenagers. Ger- winio averted his gaze and kept walking. He has become used to such racist […]