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Time to Revamp Ghana’s Constitution

On January 7, 2019, Prof. Philip Ebow Bondzi-Simpson, Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), delivered the maiden lecture of the newly instituted Constitution Day in Accra and called for the abrogation of appointment of Parliamentarians as government ministers. He argued that the dual responsibility of representing a constituency in Parliament […]

Investigative journalist shot dead in Ghana: police, media

A Ghanaian undercover journalist who helped expose corruption in African football has been shot dead in the capital Accra, police said Thursday. Ahmed Husein was part of a team led by award-winning journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, whose probe led to the resignation of the head of the Ghana Football Association. Dozens of football referees and […]

$1.1B Lawsuit Filed By Ghanaian Family Responsible for Bronx Fire

Mark and Rita Yeboah, the parents of the three-year-old child responsible for the 2017 Bronx that killed 13 people, have led a $1.1 billion lawsuit against 11 parties, claiming her family “suffered smoke inhalation, emotional trauma and loss of property.” The Yeboahs state they are also victims and are also suing the manufacturer of the […]

12 Hours for One Tank of Fuel

Zimbabwe continues to sink deeper into economic crisis, with lengthy queues for basics like food, fuel and money seen as a testament to a country in meltdown. Many businesses have ground to a halt, following a government crackdown on illegal currency trading and warnings of jail for individuals who use foreign currencies to buy and […]

Ghanaian Financier Sentenced

The office of New York State Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood announced the sentencing of Anthony Nyame, 59, of the Bronx, for stealing over $3.5 million from multiple victims in nancial fraud schemes, including Villanova University and the First Ghana Seventh Day Adventist Church in Bronx, NY. Nyame, the CEO of General Capital Corporation has […]

Loss of Culture is the Root of Corruption

Once upon a time, Africans knew and understood that money and other articles of value did not have their own legs and therefore could not move. They understood that items found outside their homes did not “walk” to where they were found. They intuitively knew that a member of the community had misplaced or lost an […]

China’s Loans to Africa: To Accept or Not to Accept

Critics of China’s largesse fear Africa is heading into perpetual debt; paving the way for an “economic re-colonization” of Africa by China. Apologists, however, believe this is the best way to get Africa out from its stagnated economy and facilitate socioeconomic emancipation, especially given the strings attached to loans from the Western institutions. Africa and […]

Welcome Madame President

Lawmakers in Ethiopia’s parliament have unanimously voted to elect Sahle-Work Zewde as the country’s first female president. The seasoned diplomat’s rise to the largely ceremonial post comes on the heels of the parliament’s approval of a “gender balanced” cabinet, with women now accounting for a record 50 percent of the newly appointed ministers. As the […]

Civil War Looms in Cameroon

Nearly three years after a strike by English-speaking lawyers and teachers protesting their marginalized position in predominately French-speaking Cameroon, the government’s response of force has rapidly escalated to levels of unprecedented violence between security forces and Anglophone separatists. A quarter of a million people have been displaced from their homes in the South West region […]

Think Twice About Hair Care Products

by NEDRA RHONE Next time you reach for your go-to product to fix your hair issues, turn the bottle over and start listing the ingredients. From endocrine disruptors, prohibited chemicals, to other dangerous additives, black women in particular are exposed to potentially dozens of dangerous chemicals on a regular basis through widely used hair care products. […]