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Henchman Hiding in Plain Sight

Accused of hiding his past as a former top lieutenant to Liberian warlord Charles Taylor, a fed- eral jury convicted Thomas Woewiyu on immigration fraud charges. Woewiyu, 73, lived in Collingdale, PA since the 1970s yet travelled between Liberia and the U.S., holding prominent roles in Taylor’s government. A Liberian man who was accused of […]

Heroin is Mozambique’s Second Biggest Export

With vast deposits of aluminium, coal, gas, oil and even electricity generation accounting for the primary exports of the east African nation , a more sinister export has now climbed to become the sec- ond largest category. Estimated at anywhere between $600M-$800M, Mozambique has served as a transit hub for over 40 tons of heroin […]

Ending 20 Year War, Ethiopia and Eritrea Sign Declaration

With the signing of a declaration on July 9th by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, the two neighboring na- tions have formally entered into an era of peace. Telephone connections have resumed and ights to both capitals are also commencing. Both nations will resume trade and leverage each other for a […]

Black Women Bridging the Continental Gap thru African Hairdos

by Kofi Ayim  Beauty trends come and go, but one style that never seems to get old is hair braiding. In Africa, the history of hair braids goes back as far as 3,500 B.C., with braid patterns and hairstyles being an indication of a person’s tribe, age, marital and social status. Hair braiding was and still is, a weaving of art and socializing. For […]

Pressure Builds for South Africa’s Land Reform Plans

by Joe Brock Twenty-four years after the end of apartheid, the African National Congress, South Africa’s ruling party, has been slow to act on its pledge to return 30% of land granted to whites under a 1913 law back to its “previous owners” by 2014. But with ANC elections on the horizon next year, president Cyril Ramaphosa is under […]

Ghana Consulate of NY Fires Employee, Alleging Extortion

by Kofi Ayim The Permanent Mission of Ghana in New York City has fired a security officer at the Consulate, charging him with extortion after a complaint filed by a visa applicant earlier this year. However the employee states that the charges are false and claims his firing is without cause. Charges of malfeasance at the Ghana Mission in […]

Kigali’s Female Moto Drivers

by YARNO RITZEN The best way to move about in the Rwandan capital of Kilgali is by “moto” – or motorcycle. Those who do not own one can easily hail a moto as a taxi; a very common sight across the wider East African region. While neighboring countries such as Kenya and Uganda also have the same form of taxi […]

Church opposes Burundi referendum

Burundi’s influential Catholic bishops said on Thursday that they were opposed to fundamental constitutional changes to be voted on in a referendum this month. If passed, the proposed changes could see President Pierre Nkurunziza remain in charge for another 16 years. Catholic bishops in Burundi have criticized an upcoming referendum on constitutional reform, warning that voters will be too afraid to express their views. If passed […]

African Fashion Makes Inroads But…

by Kofi Ayim Without a doubt, African fashion has experienced a significant boom of late. With the growing exposure through movies and social media, African fabrics is no longer just the choice of the African diaspora, but has now become top-of-mind for celebrities and trendsetters alike. For the past several years, African fabrics that used to attract curious onlookers have gradually become fashionable in the […]

Liberian Refugees in the U.S. Facing Deportation

As President Trump announced the end of the a protected status program created for refugees of the Liberian Civil War, immigrants in New York’s “Little Liberia” are considering going underground, preparing to leave the U.S. and simply praying for a reprieve. Their experience mirrors what could happen for hundreds of thousands of other immigrants with similar […]