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China’s Loans to Africa: To Accept or Not to Accept

Critics of China’s largesse fear Africa is heading into perpetual debt; paving the way for an “economic re-colonization” of Africa by China. Apologists, however, believe this is the best way to get Africa out from its stagnated economy and facilitate socioeconomic emancipation, especially given the strings attached to loans from the Western institutions. Africa and […]

Welcome Madame President

Lawmakers in Ethiopia’s parliament have unanimously voted to elect Sahle-Work Zewde as the country’s first female president. The seasoned diplomat’s rise to the largely ceremonial post comes on the heels of the parliament’s approval of a “gender balanced” cabinet, with women now accounting for a record 50 percent of the newly appointed ministers. As the […]

Civil War Looms in Cameroon

Nearly three years after a strike by English-speaking lawyers and teachers protesting their marginalized position in predominately French-speaking Cameroon, the government’s response of force has rapidly escalated to levels of unprecedented violence between security forces and Anglophone separatists. A quarter of a million people have been displaced from their homes in the South West region […]

Think Twice About Hair Care Products

by NEDRA RHONE Next time you reach for your go-to product to fix your hair issues, turn the bottle over and start listing the ingredients. From endocrine disruptors, prohibited chemicals, to other dangerous additives, black women in particular are exposed to potentially dozens of dangerous chemicals on a regular basis through widely used hair care products. […]

Zimbabwe Facing Worst Economic Crisis in Decade

by FARAI MUTSAKA Lines for petrol snake for hours, prices increase daily on food, medicines, and even rations on beer. The government has deemed the situation as temporary problems and necessary pain towards rebuilding the nation’s economy. But with empty shelves, rationed essentials and increasing costs for vital medicines, memories of the 2008 economic crisis are […]

Sierra Leone to China: Thanks, But No Thanks

Less than a month after returning from the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing, Sierra President Julius Maada Bio has opted to pull the plug on a controversial $400M international airport project at Mamamah, with Chinese financing. As one of the poorest nations in Africa, Sierra Leone has gone against the tide of governments across […]

Nearly 90 Elephants Found Slaughtered in Botswana Wildlife Park

by Emily Sullivan Uncovered during an aerial survey, wildlife conservation group Elephants Without Borders reported finding nearly 90 dead elephants near the Okavango Delta; many with tusks removed from their mutilated heads. EWB states that the scale of the incident is the largest seen in Africa. The carcasses of 87 elephants have been discovered near […]

The People Smugglers of the Sahara

Since 2014, human traf cking of mi- grants hoping to arrive in Europe has become a lucrative business in Libya, bene ting the country’s rival militias and tribes. One group at the center of the migrant smuggling trade is the the little-known community of the Toubou. What was once a clandes- tine business now operates […]

KOFI ATTA ANNAN: A Citizen of the World

by  M. O. ENE At a watering hole in Orange, New Jersey, USA, someone asked recently, “Who again is the Secretary-General of the United Nations?” Silence. Someone offered lamely, “Kofi Annan.” Wrong! The man had just passed. No one challenged him. That was a great tribute to Kofi Annan. The tenure of Ban Ki-Moon and the […]

Banking? Your Citizenship Papers, Please

With the unsettling reports of firms such as Bank of America now requesting proof of citizenship from their customers, banks are now choosing to toe the line with President Trump’s anti-immigrant stance in asking for such information, despite the fact that U.S. citizenship is not a requirment to open nor maintain a bank account. A […]