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One Year On, Tunisia’s #MeToo Movement Grapples with Race

BAN BARKAWI In Tunisia, Black women continue to face unequal job prospects and are often subjected to sexual harassment Feminist activist Khawla Ksiksi did not expect a backlash from supporters of her country’s #MeToo movement when she used the campaign to highlight the double discrimination faced by Black women in Tunisia. Inspired by the global […]

French MPs vote to return stolen West African artifacts

ABU MUBARIK Lawmakers in France have unanimously voted to return stolen artifacts in the possession of the French government for more than a century to Benin and Senegal. The bill for the restitution of the stolen artifacts will now head to the Senate and if approved, it will be returned to the two West African […]

Momentum drains from West African common currency plans

Hopes raised by West African leaders of finally launching this year their “Eco” common currency, in the pipeline for three decades, have faded as the coronavirus crisis and squabbling over severing the remaining monetary ties to former colonial ruler France snarl progress. Chiefs of the 15-nation Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) regional bloc […]

US Tells Kenya to Publicly Support Israel or Forget Free Trade Deal

AGGREY MUTAMBO The US wants Kenya to support Israel’s political and commercial interests, or forget a free trade deal (FTA) with the world’s biggest economy. This is one of a raft of conditions set in the ongoing FTA negotiations between Nairobi and Washington. The US has indicated in its objectives seen by The EastAfrican that […]

Egypt cuts highways across pyramids plateau, alarming conservationists

PATRICK WERR Egypt is building two highways across the pyramids plateau outside Cairo, reviving and expanding a project that was suspended in the 1990s after an international outcry. The Great Pyramids, Egypt’s top tourist destination, are the sole survivor of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the plateau is a UNESCO world heritage […]

Africa under water: heightened ‘mega’ crises

Africa contributes the least to global emissions, yet it is being affected by climate change in disproportionate, alarming and life-threatening ways, according to scientists. From Eastern Africa to the Sahel, climate change has made weather patterns more erratic, with prolonged droughts and more severe flooding. About a dozen African countries are under water, with flooding […]

The Nigerian drummer who set the beat for US civil rights

AARON AKINYEMI Three years before Rosa Parks’ bus boycott, Nigerian drummer Babatunde Olatunji protested against racial segregation in the southern states of America. He was part of a generation of Africans who played an important role in the fight for racial justice in the US – and continue to do so, writes the BBC’s Aaron […]

Baobab tree: The majestic tree of life in the dry savannah

In Africa, especially in the Savannah region, where the weather is dry and severely hit by climate change conditions, making it difficult for many trees to survive or thrive, most especially during the dry season, the Baobab Tree survives, thrives and also serves as a source of life for many living creatures. Background The Baobab […]

Wealthy Nigerians are buying up passports for cash from Caribbean nations to beat visa rules

YOMI KAZEEM St. Lucia passport holders have visa free and visa on arrival access to 145 countries—more than triple Nigeria’s figure. A year ago, the office of Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) in the small Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia had received no applications from any Africans in its nearly five years of operations. […]

Some of Africa’s most important heritage sites will be lost to climate change without intervention

Joanne Clarke, Elizabeth Edna Wangui, Grace W. Ngaruiya & Nick Brooks Very few academics or policy makers are talking about the impact of climate change on heritage. Yet heritage is essential for social wellbeing, for identity creation, for safeguarding traditional knowledge and livelihoods and for sustainable development. The conversations taking place are mainly on the […]