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Nearly 90 Elephants Found Slaughtered in Botswana Wildlife Park

by Emily Sullivan Uncovered during an aerial survey, wildlife conservation group Elephants Without Borders reported finding nearly 90 dead elephants near the Okavango Delta; many with tusks removed from their mutilated heads. EWB states that the scale of the incident is the largest seen in Africa. The carcasses of 87 elephants have been discovered near […]

The People Smugglers of the Sahara

Since 2014, human traf cking of mi- grants hoping to arrive in Europe has become a lucrative business in Libya, bene ting the country’s rival militias and tribes. One group at the center of the migrant smuggling trade is the the little-known community of the Toubou. What was once a clandes- tine business now operates […]

KOFI ATTA ANNAN: A Citizen of the World

by  M. O. ENE At a watering hole in Orange, New Jersey, USA, someone asked recently, “Who again is the Secretary-General of the United Nations?” Silence. Someone offered lamely, “Kofi Annan.” Wrong! The man had just passed. No one challenged him. That was a great tribute to Kofi Annan. The tenure of Ban Ki-Moon and the […]

Banking? Your Citizenship Papers, Please

With the unsettling reports of firms such as Bank of America now requesting proof of citizenship from their customers, banks are now choosing to toe the line with President Trump’s anti-immigrant stance in asking for such information, despite the fact that U.S. citizenship is not a requirment to open nor maintain a bank account. A […]

Warnings on ‘Addiction’ to Skin Bleaching

Despite the many health risks associated with the practice, skin bleaching is gaining popularity in Africa. The use of toxic creams, injections and pills to become more fair is on the rise, fueled by the the belief that fairer, lighter skin is a gateway to beauty and success. While African governments have sought to ban […]

From India with Love

Arriving in Africa ahead of the 10th BRICS summit in South Africa, Indian PM Narendra Modi first made stops in Rwanda and Uganda, in what can only be seen as an effort to cast India as the benevolent alternative to neighboring China. Without nary a mention of the Asian regional rival in speeches to legislative […]

Henchman Hiding in Plain Sight

Accused of hiding his past as a former top lieutenant to Liberian warlord Charles Taylor, a fed- eral jury convicted Thomas Woewiyu on immigration fraud charges. Woewiyu, 73, lived in Collingdale, PA since the 1970s yet travelled between Liberia and the U.S., holding prominent roles in Taylor’s government. A Liberian man who was accused of […]

Heroin is Mozambique’s Second Biggest Export

With vast deposits of aluminium, coal, gas, oil and even electricity generation accounting for the primary exports of the east African nation , a more sinister export has now climbed to become the sec- ond largest category. Estimated at anywhere between $600M-$800M, Mozambique has served as a transit hub for over 40 tons of heroin […]

Ending 20 Year War, Ethiopia and Eritrea Sign Declaration

With the signing of a declaration on July 9th by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, the two neighboring na- tions have formally entered into an era of peace. Telephone connections have resumed and ights to both capitals are also commencing. Both nations will resume trade and leverage each other for a […]

Black Women Bridging the Continental Gap thru African Hairdos

by Kofi Ayim  Beauty trends come and go, but one style that never seems to get old is hair braiding. In Africa, the history of hair braids goes back as far as 3,500 B.C., with braid patterns and hairstyles being an indication of a person’s tribe, age, marital and social status. Hair braiding was and still is, a weaving of art and socializing. For […]