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The country people can’t leave because it can’t issue passports

This cash-strapped government has run out of paper and ink to make passports, leaving its people trapped inside its borders. Zimbabwe’s passport-issuing service has ground to a halt, officials say, leaving many citizens trapped in the country as its economic crisis worsens.  Applicants for new or renewed passports face an indefinite wait as the Government […]

Over 80 per cent of schools in anglophone Cameroon shut down, as conflict worsens

Speaking to journalists at the UN offices in Geneva, UNICEF Spokesperson Toby Fricker said that some 1.3 million people, including around 650,000 children, are now in need of some form of humanitarian assistance. Around 450,000 of these people, half of whom are children, are internally displaced.  Thousands of people do not have access to essential basic services, […]

Elephant Hunting Ban Lifted in Botswana

by Sasha Ingber Botswana has announced that it is lifting a ban on elephant hunting, much to the objection of conservationists and pro-wildlife groups. Trophy hunters have hailed the announcement as a step in the right direction. Botswana contends that the 2014 ban increased elephant populations but has caused havoc to livestock and livelihood. In […]

Full Speed Ahead into Debt

by YUNNAN CHEN Kenya has slashed the reported earnings from its new standard gauge railway (SGR) between Mombasa and the capital Nairobi, raising fears over the profitability of the project and the ability of Kenya’s government to repay the $3.2bn it borrowed from China to get it built. The news isn’t better for its northern […]

Middle-Class Exits Nigeria

by TOPE ALAKE In Africa’s most populous nation, nearly half (45%) of adults say they plan to move to another country within five years, by far the highest share among 12 countries surveyed across four continents, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center. Nigeria’s continued exit of its middle-class is costing the nation […]

One Less Headache for Ghanaians Living Abroad

by Kofi Ayim Ghana ports have been a headache for shippers. Open and clandestine shenanigans of bribery, corruption, and thievery have become a staple. Now, the government has come out with an App that not only tracks consignment, but calculate port duties expected to be paid. The Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana, Alhaji Dr. […]

Ride in Style to the Mountain Top

Tanzania wants to facilitate trips to the top of Mountain Kilimanjaro in style. It is aggressively considering a cable car that will lift people who want to see the mountain top without sweating it out. The project is expected to boost tourism. Tanzania wants to boost tourist numbers by putting a cable car on Mount […]

Migrants Build Nations

by Kofi Ayim Historically, developed civilizations and nations have been built through migrants. Ancient Egypt was great built by migrants. Western Europe was built mainly by migrants from Africa and other places. The U. S. is the most powerful nation in the world because of collective mosaic of immigrant talents. Any nation that attempts to […]

Hear Her Majesty, Aye, She Speaks the Truth

Whether by design or default, Europeans created artificial boundaries in Africa between homogeneous groups. So much so that most African countries have no national language, having adopted foreign languages as lingua franca. Now, a traditional ruler in Ghana has questioned the wisdom of nation building on a borrowed language. A traditional ruler at Nkyinkyin Grabodo […]

Pres. Bouteflika Resigns But Protests Continue In Algeria

by Ruth Michaelson Despite the announcement by 82-year-old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika that he will step down after having been in power for 20 years, Algerians have continued their protests, now in its seventh successive week. Thousands have taken to the streets of the Algerian capital Algiers, demanding a complete overhaul of the country’s political structure. […]