The Debate After the First GOP Debate in Cleveland, Ohio

Ukachi Uwadinobi

CARLY FIORINA, former CEO of Hewlett Packard and a contender for the GOP primary race for nomination, had a sterling performance in last Thursday’s July 6 first GOP debate among the bottom seven who squared off at the (5 – 6) p.m. time slot before the prime time debate that followed at 9 p.m. She performed exceptionally well as post debate polls have shown to justify a climb up from her Coach Seat on the Fox News Air jetliner to First Class exclusively for the top tier candidates in the subsequent debate trips.
Dr. Benjamin Carson’s performance barely met the level of expectation consistent with a top -tier class, perhaps because in
all fairness, he is a neophyte at politics. The next debate should provide a good gauge. If the meter doesn’t rise for him, then it will justify stepping down from First Class to Coach. Former Governor
Rick Perry (Texas), Gov. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) are still
sitting on the floor straight up among the lower seven flying Coach. It’s a long trip ahead with several more debates along the way that could give them the chance to adjust their tickets through improved
performance and climb up to First Class. Meanwhile, the Republican Party leaders, who have been stridently criticizing President Obama over the Iran Nuclear deal are themselves clueless on how to deal with the current GOP front runner Donald rump, who’s a thorn in the flesh. His refusal to pledge he’d support whoever became the nominee if he lost, and to not run as an independent candidate in 2016, was very telling. He also seems to have relished defending and glorifying his exploits of “bankruptcy laws” to his own gain, when asked by debate moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News, to explain his conduct to the American people. The latest in his unbecoming string of deplorable antics, which seem he may have crossed the proverbial red line, is what he said about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on CNN the day after the debate: “Blood was coming out of her eyes and where ever,” a reference to the spat he had with Ms. Kelly who’d asked about his history of using derogatory words against women he doesn’t like. It is an ugly twist to his campaign that has unleashed a flurry of condemnation from across the GOP tent and could doom its chances in 2016.

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