The legacy of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

There was once a great empire called Monomotapa, a vast stretch of land that encompassed present day Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and parts of what we know as South Africa. The indigenous of this vast powerful empire were very adept at iron works before Europeans set foot on the empire. Once they arrived, things fell apart. Rhodesia, carved out of the empire and named after Cecil Rhodes, suffered dehumanizing acts under the notorious white leader Ian D. Smith. He vowed to rule Rhodesia for 1000 years. His acts stole the lands of the indigenous and put them into the hands of the white minority.

Then came independence under the freedom fighter Robert Mugabe. Under his leadership, Zimbabwe became a literate country, and achieved other milestones, as he placed the interests of his people first.

The West and America tried as much as possible to economically asphyxiate Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, but he would not bow to pressure and was steadfast in his resolve. Yes, Mugabe ruled for a long time and may be considered a dictator by some, but he stood up to European hegemony and imperialism and challenged the status quo, yanking the lands off of the hands of the white minority and back into the hands of their rightful owners.

Love him or loathe him, Mugabe’s legacy will live on for a long time, after all the independence of Zimbabwe cannot be mentioned without associating his name with it. That in itself, is a legacy!

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