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Ancient People

Historically, present-day Sudan is part of the region of Kush (a kingdom in Upper Nubia), a crossroads between Egypt and other parts of Black Africa in the Hebrew Scriptures. Ancient Egyptians knew it as Kush, the Greeks as Ethiopia (the Greeks, including the fifth-century historian Herodotus, referred to all of the lands between the southern […]

Did Akhenaten Influence the people that became the Akan?

Two interesting points usually glossed over need mention here. In Akan tradition, the Creator is known by the epithet Onyankopon Kwame (God of Saturday), because the Akan believe God’s day is Saturday. In traditional prayers, the first entity to be called is Onyankopon Twereduampong Kwame (Dependable Almighty God of Saturday). Other accolades and appellations of […]

Basic Similarities between Ancient Egyptians/Others and the Akan People

KOFI AYIM As Gardiner explains of ancient Egypt, “Among officials whose duty it was to look after the king’s own person there were sandal bearers, keepers of the robes and crowns, barbers, and physicians, the last sometimes highly specialized like oculists, stomach doctors, and the like. A host of servants were employed in kitchen and […]

The Akan People

It must be realized that all Twi speakers are Akan, but not all Akan are Twi speakers. In everyday life, Twi is a simple, straightforward language in syntax and structure, easier to speak and understand than many contemporary languages in Ghana and elsewhere. It is phonetical in nature yet tonal on drums and horns. However, […]

Beliefs about Natural Phenomena

“Modern superstition is symbolism in its state of dotage, when it cannot remember what the types originally meant.” – Gerald Massey, Natural Genesis, 1:50 KOFI AYIM In the early development of man, natural objects were employed out of necessity to represent and convey ideas, because primordial man had to represent the unknown through the known. […]

Religion and Totemism

Akan religions and philosophical ideals, holistic in nature, were most probably offshoots of ancient Egyptian religions and/or mythical systems that existed for about 6,000 years. The Akan concept of soul immortalization (see later sections on birth and death), reflective of the teachings of Pythagoras and other Athenian philosophers; purification ceremonies such as Odwira and Akwasidae; […]

A Modern Akan Dilemma

Western influences and attempt to fuse or reconcile such influences with longstanding traditions have created many quandaries for today’s Akan and other Africans. Marriage is one area rife with such quandaries. Just as a Western or Caucasian marriage (wedding) is not part of Akan or African culture, so is it that a married Akan woman […]

Africans in the Bronx Find Family on the Soccer Field

MICHAEL SIMPSON One day nine years ago, Abrourazakou Bawa, a truck driver originally from Togo, was in his home borough of the Bronx when he noticed a disappointed kid walking with a soccer ball under his arm. “Where are you going?” Bawa asked the boy. “I couldn’t find anyone to play with,” said the young […]

France to return Benin artworks by 2021: minister

France will return artworks taken from Benin during the colonial conquest of the region by the start of 2021, culture minister Franck Riester said Monday on a visit to the West African country. President Emmanuel Macron pledged last year to hand back 26 artefacts “without delay” in a landmark decision that has piled pressure on […]

Famed Ivorian Musician DJ Arafat Dies in Road Crash

Ivorian musician DJ Arafat has died of injuries he sustained in a motor bike accident, according to his management The 33-year-old, whose real name is Ange Didier Houon, died on Monday in a hospital in Abidjan. He had been undergoing treatment after the accident on Sunday, his spokesman Yves Roland stated. “He was involved in […]