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The importance of religion in the lives of Americans is shrinking

JASON DeROSE The importance of religion in the lives of Americans is on the decline. However, for people who do still attend religious services, they say they’re optimistic about the future of their house of worship. Those are among the findings of a new report from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). Just 16% of […]

How certain foods lower your risk of disease

Many foods and nutrients have been linked to reduced inflammation and a lower risk of cancer or type 2 diabetes. Here’s how—and why—the foods we consume affect our bodies. Michael F. Roizen, M.D.  & Michael Crupain

Hepatitis C is a slow-moving killer that can be stopped. What’s getting in the way?

EMILY ALPERT REYES Michael Mendez said that when learned he had hepatitis C, “I didn’t even know what it was.” Mendez, 47, had been homeless for years in Los Angeles, and said he hadn’t gone to a doctor the entire time he was living on the streets. When Mendez got a roof over his head, […]

DDT’s toxic legacy can harm granddaughters of women exposed, study shows

ROSANNA XIA When Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” first sounded the alarm on DDT and its devastating effects on birds and fish, our understanding of how this pesticide affected humans was just beginning. Chemicals can take years to reveal their insidious power, and so for decades, scientists have been piecing together — study by study — […]

Chinese demand is fueling donkey theft and stressing out farmers in Ghana

DANIELLE PAQUETTE & MAXWELL SUUK  Night and day, he thinks of his donkeys. Are they still in the fields, munching on hay? Or has someone stolen them once again, wrecking his business for some foreigner’s cash? “My donkeys are my everything,” said Hardi Rafik, 25, a brickmaker who relies on animal muscle. “Now I must […]

Stunning Senegal baobab forest being swallowed by mining

One hour’s drive from Senegal’s capital Dakar, demand for cement is turning a protected baobab forest into a lifeless moonscape of open mines, dust clouds and lorry traffic. The bulbous trees are a national symbol in Senegal, where locals have long prized their many uses — from tea brewing to ropemaking. But a construction boom […]

Senegal is Choking on Plastic Waste

by ANNA PUJOL-MAZZANI Senegal is struggling with a massive plastic waste issue, with tens of thousands of tons of it ending up in the ocean every year. A problem that is not only threatening the coastal population but also the economy. Environmentalists have long urged a change of policy regarding the use of plastics and […]

Ghana Losing Its Rainforest Faster Than All Other Nations

byKWASI GYAMFI ASIEDU Ghana’s rainforest is being lost at an alarming rate, according to a new report about the state of forests worldwide. Global Forest Watch (GFW) used updated remote sensing and satellite data from the University of Maryland and estimates that there was a 60% increase in Ghana’s primary rainforest loss in 2018 compared […]

When It Rains, It Pours. And Then It Floods: Nigeria’s Growing Seasonal Problem

by ORJI SUNDAY Over the last few years in Nigeria, seasonal flooding has killed hundreds, destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, and displaced millions of people. This year, since the rainy season began in June, twelve states have been badly affected. In four of them – Anambra, Delta, Kogi and Niger – the government declared […]

Jury still out on huge mangrove regeneration project in Senegal

by CISSOKHO LASSANA Billed as the largest mangrove restoration programme in the world, a project in the Saloum Delta in western Senegal aims to undo decades of damage to a vital ecosystem, but critics say the scheme dispossesses the local community and amounts to little more than “ocean grab.” Climate change (lower rainfall, rising sea levels, and harsh droughts) coupled with unsustainable human exploitation has seen […]