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Skin Bleaching by African Women

The potential dangers and harmful side effects of skin bleaching notwithstanding, it is on the increase in Africa. It is believed that about 25 to 80 percent of women regularly use skin whitening products to achieve what they believe is a beauty enhancement. Among the many reasons why women bleach their skin, particularly their faces, […]

Niger Coup: Flagged momentum and confused leaders

Recent developments in post-coup Niger indicate either a change of mind or a loss of momentum even among both the military junta and the people. First of all, attitudes towards those perceived to be pro-French, and by implication, the Americans who share the same repressive economic and political attitudes towards Niger have flagged considerably. Generally […]

Azumah Nelson hits 65

On his return home after a rematch against Jeff Fennech, the Australian boxer in 2008, Azumah Nelson replied journalists at a press conference, “I beat him like father and son.” It was a funny response but the truth was that Nelson brutalized the Aussie boxer nicknamed “The Marrickville Mauler” after a couple of fights had […]

The Okada Menace in Ghana

Okada, the imported transportation system introduced into Ghana from neighboring West African countries, has become “unofficial but thriving mobility option,” write Oteng Ababio, et al in the African Studies Quarterly, vol. 15, no. 4, Sept. 2015. They add that the problem of policy failure owing to pressure on authorities from riders and some civil society […]

The Fits and Starts of African’s Peace trip to Ukraine and Russia

The fits in the trip to help resolve the war between Russia and Ukraine by Africa started in Poland with the grounding of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s flight leading to a delay by Polish authorities. It was Ukraine that meted out a similar humiliation to African students at the beginning of the war in […]

Ghana’s Gold for Oil Program

The Gold for Oil policy introduced by Vice President Dr. Muhamudu Bawumia last year is described as the first policy to address the balance of payments crisis facing Ghana. According to the vice president it is the “most important macro-economic policy to deal with the exchange rate depreciation, and fuel and food inflation crises.” Oil […]

The Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway

The demand for a major highway to connect the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor has been a priority project following the conception by heads of state and government at the inception of the ECOWAS. Similar projects are also envisaged along the entire coastal corridor. The key element in the 1,028 kilometer road is a six-lane dual carriage way […]

Re: Human Rights Report on Ghana by the United States of America

The United States of America, as its annual rite released the 2022 Human Rights Report on the West African nation of Ghana early this year. The country report included a gamut of infractions covering arbitrary and/or unlawful and extrajudicial killings through torture and cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment by or on behalf […]

De-dollarization: Its impact on African economies

The World Bank was established in 1944 to help rebuild Europe and Japan after World War II and initially named the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). It was also created to help restore and sustain the benefits of global integration, by promoting international economic cooperation. As we write, a rival establishment, the New […]

Ghana prepares for elections 2024

General elections in Ghana are less than two years away, precisely, on December 7, 2024. But political parties and political persons seeking office in 2025 are already in campaign mode. Some members of the ruling government have resigned to start their campaigns as demanded by their party’s constitution. And some of the opposition leaders have […]