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Homosexuality, sex and politics in Ghana

The center stage of Ghanaian political debate has shifted to the issue of homosexuality inflaming passions, angering many and confusing Ghanaians about the legality and otherwise of the homosexual act. What is now dubbed LGBTQ+ whatever it means has now become a fad being bandied about with jest in some circles and with utter rejection […]

The State of Democracy in Africa – 2

We concluded in our editorial comment in the last issue that as human as western democracy is, we would prefer that to military coups on the continent. Our contention is based on its inherent fairness and equity. It allows free expression of ideas, religion and, most of all, economic democracy that stimulates development. We reiterate, […]

The State of Democracy in Africa

Military coups in Africa have always promised transformation but experi­ence over the years showed that the military were not to be trusted in establishing democratic governance. A few who showed initial leniency toward democracy only prepared themselves for permanency in civilian garb but could not deviate from their regimental backgrounds. Until late, however, the incessant, […]

Africa’s Medal Count and Performance in Tokyo 2020

The Olympic Games just ended in Tokyo, Japan with much of the medal haul going to the Peoples Republic of China, the United States of America and the wealthy nations. The 60,000-capacity stadium where most of the events were held was mostly sparsely filled with spectators who had to go through intensive testing and observation […]

Ghana’s Parliament Seeks to Outlaw Homosexuality

The practice of homosexuality in Ghana is not novel. Men known in some Ghanaian communities as Kojo Besia are closet homosexuals against who parents warn their little ones. Lesbianism is also a sexual lifestyle practiced in Ghana among young females, and is commonplace in girls’ dormitories in high schools and other institutions as well as […]

The World Needs Genuine Cooperation to rid itself of COVID 19

Like all documented pandemics in our contemporary world, the appearance of coronavirus less than two years ago threatened the world order and placed it in a jittery and uncertain situation and future. The scientific world and researchers responded in kind and within a short time came up with antidotes to the debilitating virus. In an […]

Fix the sanitation situation in Accra, Ghana

When Ghana’s President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo assumed leadership of the Republic of Ghana in 2017, among his early promises and goals was to make Accra, the national capital, the cleanest in Africa. The President was right, because the filth that had littered and engulfed the gateway city to Africa was nothing to write home […]

Child Pornography: Shelve the report now

A report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says that pornography may not always be harmful to children. And preventing children from watching porn may violate their human rights, based on extensive interpretation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Profoundly strange as it is, this report seeks to repudiate the long-held […]

Ghana: Media freedom not a license

Caleb Kudah, a Citi FM journalist ventures into the grounds of the offices of Ghana’s National Security and starts taking shots of the premises against the notices and the norms and practices pertaining to such places. He is caught and detained and later released for the day, only for him to report the following day […]

Beware, Men of God.

The introduction of religions from Europe and the Middle East, namely Christianity and Islam, to then Gold Coast (present day Ghana) did not change the relationship among the people of the country. Moslems, Christians and traditionalists co-existed peaceably. In particular, Moslems and Christians have lived side by side with each other without rancor. The dynamics […]