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Kenya is running out of US dollars

The central bank has been using its US dollar reserves to try to cushion the shilling from further nosedives. That has created a dollar scarcity FAUSTINE NGILA Kenya is facing an acute foreign exchange crunch, with US dollar reserves dropping to their lowest in eight years as its currency keeps plummeting against major global currencies. […]

Citizenship-by-investment programs are on the rise in Africa

A growing number of African nations are looking to attract high-net-worth individuals by offering residence and citizenship through investment programs. SETH ONYANGO African economies looking to attract fresh investments are turning to innovative programs that offer residence and dual citizenship opportunities to investors with deep pockets. Migration investment programs allow people to purchase citizenship or […]

Nigeria’s Unbanked, Poor Get Reprieve After Court Rules Naira Deadline Unconstitutional

ABDULLAHI JIMOH          Nigerians confronted by hardships over the scarcity of the newly redesigned naira notes in conjunction with the country’s cashless policy introduced by the apex bank have had a last-minute reprieve from a policy that had disrupted their lives and exacerbated hunger. On Friday, March 3, 2023, the country’s Supreme Court temporarily suspended the […]

We Are Still Culturally Enslaved? – Sidia Jatta

ALI JAW Sidia Jatta, Gambian politician, academic and writer, said on Wednesday March 8, that Africans are still culturally enslaved. The former Wuli West representative at the National Assembly of The Gambia made the statement during a workshop convened by the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) to discuss mechanisms for language policy development for The […]

As wheat prices rise, a food staple in the DRC gets reimagined

When the war in Ukraine disrupted wheat exports, University of Kisangani students set out to manufacture pasta with homegrown cassava ZTA AMWANGA Every morning, Madeleine Kombozi, 38, sets up a stall in front of the Institut Chololo, a technical school in the Makiso commune in the center of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo. […]

Why Zimbabwe’s schools have taken to selling chickens

A collapsing education system means head teachers must get creative The job of a head teacher involves hiring teachers, disciplining pupils and placating parents. It does not normally include selling chickens. But that was one of several side-hustles run by Evermore Chakwizira, who until last year was the head of Chinyika High School in Goromonzi, […]

Nigeria set for presidential polls but insecurity threatens process

MOHAMMED MOMOH Three West African nations – Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone – are jostling to strengthen their fledgling democracies as they go to polls to elect new presidents in 2023. All three have a dark past of coups or civil wars. Nigeria is scheduled to conduct its presidential election on February 25, and governorship […]

US, Chinese, Russian Officials Scramble to Visit Africa

ANITA POWEL Top Chinese, Russian and American officials are scrambling to visit African nations and pledge their commitment to the world’s fastest-growing continent. As President Joe Biden prepares for a visit later this year, several of his top officials have recently visited Africa. There, they must balance the desire to secure the continent’s support against […]

In Baidoa, Somalis live at the epicenter of drought, hunger and conflict

At a camp for displaced persons on the edge of Baidoa, in southwestern Somalia, Mariam Kasim says that she’s very old — so old that it’s impossible to really know her age. But she thinks she’s 50. Over those years, Somalia has suffered immensely from droughts and wars. But she says the suffering all around […]

Zimbabwe has banned the export of raw lithium

The country is enforcing the ban to put a stop to loss of billions of dollars from raw lithium exports, enough to repay its debts FAUSTINE NGILA Zimbabwe has prohibited the export of raw lithium from its mines so it can cash in on value addition and stop losing billions of dollars in mineral proceeds […]