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UN Security Council urges action on Gulf of Guinea piracy

The UN Security Council on Tuesday urged greater action to stop piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, which has become by far the world’s riskiest waters for maritime kidnappings. A Security Council resolution — approved unanimously despite high tensions between veto-wielding Russia and the West — said it “strongly condemns” the spike of piracy in […]

The shrinking of “Rolexes” in Uganda due to the war in Ukraine

NAKISANZE SEGAWA Godfrey Kizito takes a break from his busy shoe repair shop every day so he can enjoy his favorite snack, a vegetable and egg omelet rolled in a freshly prepared chapati known as a Rolex. But for the past few weeks, this daily ritual has given him neither the satisfaction nor the sustenance […]

Rwanda expects first 50 asylum seekers transferred from UK by end of May

CLEMENT UWIRINGIYIMANA Rwanda expects the first group of 50 asylum seekers to be transferred from Britain by the end of May, a government spokesperson said on Thursday May 19. In April the British government announced plans to send people seeking asylum to the East African country, but earlier this month said it expected lawyers to […]

Zimbabwe seeks EU backing to sell $600M worth of ivory

Zimbabwe on Monday May 16 sought the support of the European Union to sell off US$600 million worth of ivory it has accumulated due to the global ban on the sale of tusks. International trade in ivory has been banned since 1989 under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and […]

Silent epidemic as self-medicating Ugandans cause antibiotic resistance

Pharmacists in Uganda are encountering a common dilemma: customers who bypass doctor visits and ask for antibiotics directly, without a prescription. Antibiotics can be effective in treating some bacterial infections, and this is generating antibiotic resistance, which doctors say is turning into a silent epidemic. “Only five of the more than 25 customers I receive […]

Why the only chocolate São Tomé makes is organic

TAMASIN FORD The tiny archipelago of São Tomé was once the world’s biggest exporter of cocoa, but now it focuses on quality over quantity because it can no longer compete with larger nations. “We decided to produce organic cocoa only,” President Carlos Vila Nova tells the BBC, explaining that buyers have to place their orders […]

Costa Rica’s Vice-President weeps inside Elmina Castle’s slave dungeon

Costa Rican Vice President Madam Epsy Campbell Barr Wednesday wept uncontrollably in the Elimina Castle slave dungeon as she relived the trauma her ancestors, victims of the transatlantic slave trade, endured. Madam Barr, Costa Rica’s first Black Vice-President, and Dr Natalia Kanem, UN Under-Secretary General, and Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) […]

Wings of a dream: I. Coast tycoon sees new life for wrecked planes

EVELYNE AKA “That one’s a DC-10, next to it you have a Fokker 28, over there are Boeing 737s…” Aziz Alibhai is showing the visitor his big love — an astonishing collection of plane wrecks that he wants to turn into an atypical tourist attraction. Airliners in various stages of genteel decline lie on his […]

Rwandan court sentences Chinese national for tying and beating men

FRANCIS AKHALBEY A Chinese man who was filmed beating men who had been tied to a tree was on Tuesday April 19 sentenced to 20 years in prison for torture by a Rwandan court, BBC reported. The Chinese man, identified as Sun Shujun, is said to have been operating a mine in Rwanda’s Rutsiro district at the time […]

Global ambitions drive Algerian tech start-up Yassir

ABDELLAH CHEBALLAH It’s the Algerian start-up that made good: despite the country’s notoriously complex business climate, taxi and home-delivery firm Yassir has millions of users and is expanding across Africa. “We made it our mission to create a model of success that was genuinely, 100-percent Algerian, to develop local talent and show that it’s possible […]