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At Guinea’s only specialized snakebite clinic, doctors need luck and antivenom

SAM BRADPIECE Fatoumata Lamourana was oblivious to the green mamba’s approach. But as the 68-year-old led her cattle through the scrubby bushlands of western Guinea, she felt its short fangs penetrate the flesh above her ankle. “When it bit me, I tried to run away but could only go so far before I collapsed and […]

Food insecurity is driving women in Africa into sex work, increasing HIV risk

SEYMA BAYRAM The first time she traded sex for food to feed her family, J was 14 years old. Her father died when she was an infant, leaving her single mother to care for her and her six siblings in her native village in eastern Uganda. She soon gave birth to a baby girl, and […]

Can a Nation Replace Its Oil Wealth with Trees?

Gabon knows its oil won’t last forever, so officials are turning to the Central African nation’s rainforest for revenue — while also promising to preserve it. DIONNE SEARCEY Evening and the rainforest. A riverbank packed with elephants. Treetops so dense they obscure all but a chimpanzee’s hairy arm. And, as the sun sets, a twinkle […]

Counting the Massive Financial Costs of Illegal Fishing

ED HOLT As a new report lay bare the massive financial costs to developing states of illegal fishing, campaigners are hoping that drawing attention to the practice’s devastating economic effects will help push governments to greater action against the illicit trade. Research by the Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC) released at the end of October showed […]

A hacking group stole $11 million from 12 African countries

The actual amount of damage could be up to five times higher than the amount stolen. The attacker uses old-school hacking methods. FAUSTINE NGILA Singapore-based cyber security firm Group IB and Orange CERT, the IT security arm of French telecommunications company Orange have revealed in a new report that 12 African countries lost millions of […]

Uganda plans to print 3D human tissue in space

Uganda is riding on a biofabrication 3D printing technology to print human organs to help thousands of patients who die of organ failure in the country. FAUSTINE NGILA Uganda has gone to space. Despite a fire alarm causing delays on Nov. 6, the country’s first satellite, PearlAfricaSat-1, finally launched successfully into space on the morning […]

Coconut prices hit the roof in Zanzibar amid production shortfalls

MOHAMMED ISSA The retail price of coconut has risen, causing consumer complaints in Unguja Island in Zanzibar. The popular dish content is now selling between Sh1,500 – 2,000 in the Unguja commodity market depending on size and retail location, with the consumers and retailers expressing their fears. The archipelago’s Minister for Agriculture Shamata Shaame Khamis […]

A deadly monkeypox variant is surging in Central Africa

Experts are calling for stronger measures to stop a variant found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that’s 10 times deadlier than the global strain. RENE EBERSOLE A woman eight-month pregnant covered head to toe with lesions. Small children suffering with fevers and painful sores. A father asking for money to buy medicine for […]

Tracking social media to uncover Ivory trafficking in Rwanda

AIMABLE TWAHIRWA Every morning, Valerie Mukamazimpaka, a businesswoman selling various food products from Rubavu, a district in Northwestern Rwanda, wakes up early morning to cross “Petite Barrière,” one of the busiest border crossings with the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The mother of three takes advantage of the ‘Jeton,’ a daily authorization paper allowing […]

Nigerian Authorities Defend Decision to Burn Vessel Carrying Allegedly Stolen Oil

TIMOTHY OBIEZU Nigeria’s defense chief defended the destruction of a seized ship that was smuggling stolen oil, saying no investigation was needed. Critics say the military’s burning of the ship in mid-October destroyed vital evidence and accused the military of a cover-up. Nigeria’s chief of defense staff, General Lucky Irabor, spoke after Friday October 14th […]