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Why doesn’t the U.S. have more Black doctors?

BRITTANY TRANG When LaShyra “Lash” Nolen was learning about how to recognize signs of Lyme disease in a class at Harvard Medical School, a fellow Black classmate pointed out that all the examples featured people with white skin. ”How would I recognize these on someone’s skin who looked like mine?” her classmate asked. “The professor […]

One-third of U.S. labs have stopped using race-based equations to diagnose kidney disease

BRITTANY TRANG Even as a child, La’Tonzia Adams was interested in diagnosing disease. One day, when she noticed a bump on her chest, she decided to look up “chicken pox” in the Webster’s dictionary at her grandmother’s house to figure out if her symptoms matched the illness. “I remember I scratched it, and it was […]

Police and sheriff’s deputies try to curb spike in catalytic converter thefts

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise in San Diego County and nationwide DAVID HERNANDEZ The job usually gets done in less than five minutes: Thieves jack up the vehicle, slide underneath and shear off the catalytic converter — an emissions control device in the exhaust system. It’s easy — and prevalent, police say. In […]

Muslim and Arab voters may have secured Biden’s Michigan win

ROWAIDA ABDELAZIZ Arab and Muslim communities likely substantially contributed to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan, according to local activists and organizers. Emgage Action, a Muslim civic advocacy organization that endorsed Biden, said that approximately 81,000 Muslim Americans cast early and absentee votes in the state. (The exact number of votes cast by […]

Breast Cancer Is Killing Black Women at Alarming Rates

The Tigerlily Foundation, an advocacy organization supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer, wants to help close the racial disparities in diagnosis and treatment. PAMELA APPEA Maimah Karmo was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer when she was 32. Before that she thought she’d achieved the picture-perfect American dream: An African immigrant who fled war-torn […]

Black officers break from unions over Trump endorsements

CLAUDIA LAUER   Police unions nationwide have largely supported President Donald Trump’s reelection, amid mass demonstrations over police brutality and accusations of systemic racism — but a number of Black law enforcement officers are speaking out against these endorsements, saying their concerns over entering the 2020 political fray were ignored. Trump has touted his support […]

Planet Pharmacy bounces back after destruction

KOFI AYIM A neighborhood family-owned and -operated pharmacy in the Bronx, New York City, that became a victim in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis has picked up the pieces and bounced back in earnest. Planet Pharmacy, which serves mostly Africans, African Americans, and Hispanics and is located on the Grand Concourse, was […]

“Read Your Vehicle Manual,” A Master Mechanic Advises

KOFI AYIM On a fenced wall tucked in the middle of Light Industrial Area, near Community 25 in Tema, Ghana, is a facility embossed with the inscription SAMDUS Engineering Company. Inside the one-half acre of land is a one-stop repair facility that comprises an electro-mechanics repair shop, an auto body workshop, and a spray shop. […]

Africa to become ‘land of opportunity’ if US & China strike trade deal – Bank of America

The long-awaited trade agreement between the United States and China would turn the African continent into a land of opportunity for bond and equity investors. That’s according to Bank of America (BofA) strategists David Hauner and Claudio Irigoyen. They wrote in a client note seen by Bloomberg: “ At a minimum, we think the removal […]

U.S. Reopens Embassy in Somalia After 28 Years

by HARUN MARUF The United States has reopened its embassy in Somalia. The previous one had been closed in January 1991 during the country’s civil war. The new embassy building is located on the grounds of Mogadishu’s international airport. “The re-establishment of Embassy Mogadishu is another step forward in the resumption of U.S.-Somali relations,” read […]