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Turkson – the Son of a Turkey

It was Saturday morning so as usual I trekked to one of the most patronized African stores looking for a flyer that announces an evening event. I had three flyers – all free events – to choose from. I quickly dismissed the first one. It was an imported funeral. Someone was organizing a funeral for […]

First time in Church in America

I, Kwasi Sakabo from the holy vil­lage of Addo Nkwanta, somewhere in the wilderness finally arrived in the Almighty America by routes that best not be described, metamorphosed as John Mends, if you know what I mean. And the most logical thing for me to do was give thanks to my Creator. And so, to […]

From refugee camp to runway, Adut Akech is the new face of beauty brand Estée Lauder

AMA NUNOO South Sudanese-Australian model Adut Akech is officially the newest brand ambassador for Estée Lauder, a luxury beauty brand founded by one of the world’s first female entrepreneurs. “Adut is one of fashion’s biggest and most influential stars. We believe her incredible story, personality and beauty will help us continue to inspire and connect […]

Germany to fund projects in Namibia to atone for colonial crimes

Namibian government says Germany will fund infrastructure, healthcare and training projects over 30 years. Germany has agreed to fund projects in Namibia worth 1.1 billion euros ($1.3bn) over 30 years to atone for its role in mass killings and property seizures in its-then colony more than a century ago, according to a Namibian government spokesman. […]

Seminary Built on Slavery and Jim Crow Labor Has Begun Paying Reparations

The Virginia Theological Seminary is giving cash to descendants of Black Americans who were forced to work there. The program is among the first of its kind. WILL WRIGHT One night in 1858, Carter Dowling, an enslaved Black man forced to work without pay at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Northern Virginia, made the brave […]

LeBron James partners with Ghanaian-born designer Mimi Plange for new Nike sneaker collection

AMA NUNOO LeBron James is teaming up with Ghanaian-born designer Mimi Plange for a four-part LeBron 18 Low collection that celebrates diversity and a sense of community. The series of colorways collections is the second collaboration between the NBA star and a female designer. It is the first-time-ever Plange is designing sneakers. The collection is […]

Zulu queen’s eldest son named next monarch

Prince Misuzulu — whose name means “strengthening the Zulus” — will take over as the next Zulu king, according to the will of his mother and regent queen. The announcement led to chaos at the royal palace. Prince Misuzulu Zulu, the eldest son of South Africa’s late Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini and his recently departed […]

Battle of wits: Antiguans revel in ancient board game

GEMMA HANDY Under the shade of a wooden hut, a stone’s throw from the flurry and fumes of the Antiguan capital’s main bus station, a battle of wits is afoot. Two men are bent over a handcrafted mahogany board, deep in concentration in the throes of a game of “Warri”. As the tension rises, so […]

Lost golden city of Luxor’ discovered by archaeologists in Egypt

The 3,400-year-old royal city was built by Amenhotep III, abandoned by his heretic son, Akhenaten, and contains stunningly preserved remains. ERIN BLAKEMORE Three thousand four hundred years ago, a contentious ancient Egyptian king abandoned his name, his religion, and his capital in Thebes (modern Luxor). Archaeologists know what happened next: The pharaoh Akhenaten built the […]

Chalk two for Sakabo – he outwits a police officer and a journalist

And so to the Bronx I went. The subway had delayed so much that my bladder was bursting at the seams. I rushed to the nearest corner and let go the stuff women don’t like, insensitive to people around. This is New York and ……. I started to say to myself but was cut short […]