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Lost golden city of Luxor’ discovered by archaeologists in Egypt

The 3,400-year-old royal city was built by Amenhotep III, abandoned by his heretic son, Akhenaten, and contains stunningly preserved remains. ERIN BLAKEMORE Three thousand four hundred years ago, a contentious ancient Egyptian king abandoned his name, his religion, and his capital in Thebes (modern Luxor). Archaeologists know what happened next: The pharaoh Akhenaten built the […]

Chalk two for Sakabo – he outwits a police officer and a journalist

And so to the Bronx I went. The subway had delayed so much that my bladder was bursting at the seams. I rushed to the nearest corner and let go the stuff women don’t like, insensitive to people around. This is New York and ……. I started to say to myself but was cut short […]

Glimpses of Sudan’s Forgotten Pyramids

ALESSIO MAMO Desecrated by plunderers, threatened by floodwaters and largely overshadowed by their Egyptian counterparts, Sudan’s ancient archaeological sites may finally be poised to receive broader recognition. The site was nearly deserted. A few locals were tidying up after recent restoration work, and young camel drivers were out looking for clients. In the midday heat, […]

“Your mother, your father,” – Khebabman curses Sakabo

After Pastor John had thrown me out of the church, I strolled aimlessly along a busy avenue, window-shopping. I had no job, and Yaa Mary, my hostess and girlfriend had asked me to find my own place. I guess she’d had enough of me, not bringing home any income. Being thrown out of Church and […]

At Clemson, unmarked slave graves highlight plantation past

MICHELLE LIU  On the sloping side of a cemetery on the campus of Clemson University, dozens of small white flags with pink ribbons have replaced the beer cans that once littered a hill where football fans held tailgate parties outside Memorial Stadium. The flags are a recent addition, marking the final resting places of the […]

Why Burna Boy’s Grammy Award is a ‘big win for Africa’ and its music stars

NIMI PRINCEWILL It was second time lucky for Afrobeats star Burna Boy who landed a Grammy award for his album ‘Twice As Tall’ at the ceremony held on Sunday. Burna, real name Damini Ogulu, missed out to veteran Beninese singer, Angelique Kidjo at the 2020 awards. As he accepted the Best Global Music Album award […]

Beads depict Ghanaian royalty and dignity

Portia Ofori, Beads Trader at Tema, has explained that in Ghanaian traditional systems, beads depict royalty, while the feminine types make a woman complete, “without beads around the waist a woman is empty”.  Mrs. Ofori told the Ghana News Agency in an interview at Tema, that bead wearing had been part of the Ghanaian culture […]

It’s in there – an encounter with a Pastor

On hindsight, I heeded the Pastor’s advice and went back to Church the following Sunday. But I had other motives. I had seen plenty beautiful chicks the last time around and de­cided that would be an excellent breed­ing ground. “Where there are women, there is Kwasi Sakabo,” I reflected. I went and sat quietly in […]

King Tackey’s Slave Revolt in Antigua

CONCLUDING OUR SERIES ON THE BOOK: JACK CUDJO. NEWARK’S REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER & FIRST BLACK BUSINESSMAN by Kofi Ayim Contrary to commonly peddled falsities, the victims of slavery in the New World did not meekly accept their fate and live happily ever after, working the cotton and sugar plantations in the day and then retiring to […]

Pharaoh killed in ‘execution ceremony’, hi-tech study concludes

Experts believe Seqenenre Tao II was killed after being captured on battlefield 3,600 years ago A hi-tech study has offered new clues about the killing of a pharaoh who ruled Egypt 3,600 years ago, according to the country’s antiquities ministry. Seqenenre Tao II, “The Brave”, who reigned over southern Egypt, famously led troops against the […]