Asanteman Leadership Crisis Resolved

The first known Ghanaian non-religious, non-political, and non-profit organization in the United States is Asanteman Association of New York.

The association, formed almost forty years ago, was patterned after traditional setups in their native Asante, Ghana.

The premier Constitution of New York Asanteman – crafted with doses of Western and Asante elements – was basically duplicated by Asanteman associations in other states.

Instead of a conventional president or a chairperson, Asanteman associations utilize Nana, a kingly or noble prefix title for a typical Akan ruler.

A vice-president or chair is a Krontihene, a public relations officer is a Nseniehene, and so on and so forth. This setup made Asanteman associations in North America unique among the lot and cultural ambassadors of Akan or even Ghanaians in the diaspora.

But in the past several years, these cultural expositions have seemed to backfire and have created unpalatable scenarios in Dallas, Texas; New York City, New York; and elsewhere.

In short, the hitherto, sought-after culture of Asante has become an albatross that is asphyxiating Asante/Akan culture.

In the case of New York, it ended up in the State’s Supreme Court where the litigants were advised to go find an amicable solution.

Either by default of applicable Constitutional rules or design of parochial interest to usurp the Constitution, leadership disarray and chaos have caused Asanteman the unenviable accolade of “the Court-prone Ghanaian association in North America,” so much so that there are two parallel umbrella organization: Asanteman North America (ANA) and Asanteman Council of North America (ACONA).

Amandla has learned from deep throat sources that these actions have caused sleepless nights at Manhyia Palace, the seat of Asante monarchy, at a time when the Overlord of the Asante people, His Royal Highness Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has embarked on a nationwide mission with a sense of unity and belongingness of Ghanaians.

But as the Akan adage goes, “it’s bent but not broken.” Two emissaries of the King of Asante to North America, Nana Adusei Atwenewa Ampem, Paramount Chief of Tepa Traditional Area and Oheneba Agyemang Badu, Otumfuo’s Atipimhene were in New Jersey for the inaugural ceremony of the State’s Asanteman Association.

Together with Nana Otimpieben II, Otumfuo’s Sasaamopaninhene and Naa Taa-Asiakwa Agyeman Adjei, Asiakwahene, the traditional rulers were able to resolve two of the contentious leadership problems that has plagued Asanteman Associations in North America.

The feuding factions in Dallas and New York City have smoked the peace pipe and we hope it sticks.

Amandla hopes those in leadership positions will be able to pick up the pieces and unite all factions so that Asanteman Associations would regain the respect and dignity that used to characterize it and epitomize Ghana’s rich culture heritage in the U.S.

Let’s accord His Royal Highness the quiet and peace he deserves.

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