Africa: Agaciro – More Than Just the Money

With the DRC dust finally beginning to settle, despite some Congolese officials continuously tempting to put their foot in the mouth, Rwanda’s position in the whole saga is suddenly becoming clear – even to the perennial doubting Thomases.

This country is proving once again that it knows where it is heading to and what baggage it needs on its journey.

Another of the home-grown initiatives, Agaciro (Dignity) Development Fund, by far outshined the Congolese cock-and-bull story. To people not acquainted with this society, it’s OK if they had doubts that the population would come fully onboard. But then again, this is Rwanda.

With the billions already raised in just a few days, a good piece of news followed in the heels of a string of successes:

In the just released World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report, the country has yet again raised the bar for other African countries; taking the third spot in Sub-Saharan region – just behind South Africa and Mauritius – and setting the pace for East Africa.

And if, according to the report, Rwanda was among the top ten, globally, in 11 indicators, among them; days and procedures to start a business, public trust in politicians, government investment in advanced technology and women in the labor force, was it just a twist of fate or is it a result of well-thought and meticulous application of our own home-grown solutions?

So, distractions like the ones generated by the recent controversial UN Group of Experts report will not divert Rwanda from the route it takes, because its people have chosen Agaciro as their guiding light.



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