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Calls to Halt Construction of Massive Oilfield in One of Africa’s Last Wildernesses

ED HOLT Bratislava — Wildlife and environmental campaigners have called for international action as concerns grow over a project to create a massive oilfield in one of Africa’s last wildernesses. ReconAfrica, a Canadian oil and gas company, has licensed drilling areas in over 34,000sq km of land in parts of northern Namibia and Botswana that […]

African immigrants are uniquely poised to influence US policy

YAW OKYERE THOMPSON Before a crowded room of election-night supporters—many of whom looked like her—newly elected congresswoman Ilhan Omar described the historic occasion of her victory. “I stand here before you with many firsts behind my name: The first woman of color to represent our state in Congress; the first woman to wear a Hijab […]

Ethiopia resumes filling Nile mega-dam reservoir, angering downstream nations

Ethiopia has started the second phase of filling the reservoir of its mega-dam on the upper Blue Nile, Egypt and Sudan said, raising tensions Tuesday ahead of an upcoming UN Security Council meeting on the divisive project. Both Cairo and Khartoum said they had been notified by Addis Ababa that the second phase of filling […]

Zimbabwe Villagers Fight Chinese Coal Mining Project

COLUMBUS MAVHUNGA Conservationists in Zimbabwe are trying to rally opposition to a Chinese coal mining project planned in a district within the country’s biggest national park. Critics say locals and wildlife will be affected and are urging authorities to move away from coal production toward renewable energies. Most Dinde villagers in Hwange district say they […]

Business is starting to trump morality in Africa’s cannabis industry

STEPHEN KAFEERO The prospect of legalized cannabis in Africa, unimaginable less than a decade ago, is accelerating, driven by the potential for much-needed revenue and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Generations of Africans have faced the wrath of colonial era and morality laws surrounding cannabis use, with many involved in cultivating and selling the […]

NE Nigeria conflict has caused deaths of 324,000 children: UN

A 12-year-old conflict in northeast Nigeria has caused the deaths of some 324,000 children under five, mostly from disease and hunger, the UN warned Thursday, June 24. Previous data showed that Boko Haram militants, who launched an insurgency in 2009 that has since spread to neighbouring countries, have killed more than 40,000 people and displaced […]

Malawi’s landscape is clogged with plastic waste

NIMI PRINCEWILL For more than five years, Gloria Majiga-Kamoto, a 30-year-old Malawian environmental activist, has waged a David v Goliath battle against some of the country’s largest plastic manufacturers to bring an end to single-use plastics. Together with other activists and civil society groups, Majiga-Kamoto spearheaded a grassroots campaign that fought to pressure authorities into […]

Africa Is Running Out of Oxygen

JASON BEAUBIEN Hospital wards across Uganda are filling with COVID-19 patients as the country faces an aggressive surge in cases. One of the biggest issues have: a serious shortage of oxygen. Over the last month, the number of daily reported infections has increased tenfold, showing no signs of letting up. Cases have jumped from less […]

Cameroon Women Appeal to the UN Security Council to Discuss Escalating Crises

MOKI EDWIN KINDZEKA Female Cameroonian activists and opposition members have appealed to the United Nations Security Council, meeting Monday, to discuss possible solutions to escalating Boko Haram terrorism and the separatist crisis in the central African state. They are also asking the U.N. to force Cameroon to respect human rights, release political prisoners and negotiate […]

Egypt fumes as Ethiopia plans second filling of Nile dam

TESFA-ALEM TEKLE Ethiopian authorities say they are ready to start the second filling of the Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD), despite warnings from Egypt over the Blue Nile project. The second filling was scheduled for June, and it came nearly two months after talks between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt failed to reach a solution on what […]