Dancing for Mother Earth to save ecology

Ever met African dancers whose goal is Earth Consciousness? Meet Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest. Founded by Mambo Tse, a former UNESCO Center for Peace executive member and prolific choreographer and entertainer. The group’s mission is to save and protect the rainforests because it significantly influences the health of the entire ecosystem, the health of our planet and its people. The organization creates artistic and educational programs that incorporates the diverse cultures of Africa using dance as its siren call to locally and internationally mobilize support for changes to the existing regulatory framework . The corporation educates and raises awareness of the importance of the rainforests emphasizing that rainforests help stabilize the world’ climate; protect against flood, drought and erosion and most importantly are a source of medicine and foods. After doing many community engagement residencies in the NYC Public School system, the group incorporated in 2015 with the understanding that Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc. will continue its methodology to: * Respect the traditional knowledge, historic and artistic traditions that were passed down to us. (We continually take classes from Masters which we share with the community). * Build upon the culture and share it with the world. (Live Performances). * Pass the appreciation onto the next generation. (In-School residencies at Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools. Workshops at Colleges and Universities, as well as Studios and Museums. General fitness and physical activity workshops for cultural centers, fitness studios, dance studios, church groups, etc). * Continuously create community based programs that promote sustaining the environment through a “Grow Your Own” concept. Since it’s conception, Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc. has relied on performances and its dancers to fund and support its community service programs. The dancers have donated 20% of their income and time to facilitate programming and projects here in the United States, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Support can be sent through PAYPAL to email address sirenprotect@gmail.com, by visiting their website www.sirenprotect.org or calling their office at 718-638-7473. Or you can simply book a show to watch this high powered performance group bring African entertainment to your event.

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