Egypt: Husbands Can Have Sex With Dead Wives?

27 April 2012


As reported by Al Arabiya News, the women of Egypt are up in arms with two proposed controversial laws: legalizing the marriage of girls starting from the age of 14, and permitting husbands to have sex with their dead wives within the first 6 hours following their deaths.

Controversial in this case is an understatement. Since when did people want to have sex with their DECEASED partners?

Physically speaking, even if it was during the first 6 hours of their death, Rigor Mortis, the tightening and stiffening of the muscles due to chemical reactions that takes place within one’s body after death will gradually take place – in other words you will be having sex with a stiff body, no different than a blow-up doll. Cold, stiff and with their blood congealing – your deceased wife will look pale and yellow.

Emotionally speaking, your partner is dead, don’t plan on your wife calling out your name now.

Location-wise, where would you have your last rendezvous? In the city morgue?

Practically speaking, how does one even become sexually aroused? Your wife just passed away in the last 6 hours – shouldn’t you be stricken with grief and in deep mourning?


Of course, with such controversial reports surfacing all over the internet, how valid are these claims? According to, the published piece was strictly an opinion piece up to no good, ” Egypt’s state-owned Al Ahram newspaper published an opinion piece by Amr Abdul Samea, a past stalwart supporter of the deposed Hosni Mubarak, that contained a bombshell: Egypt’s parliament is considering passing a law that would allow husbands to have sex with their wives after death.”

The truth of the matter is that necrophilia, obsession with and usually erotic interest in or stimulation by corpses, exists. However, whether a law will be passed supporting such practices is yet to be seen.


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