Frempong Manso & Kwame Nkrumah – Radio hosts with an agenda

Frempong Manso of NeatFM and Kwame Nkrumah Tikesee of OkayFM, all of the Despite Group of Companies, are a throwback to the days of Kofi Batsa, Kofi Badu and Eric Heymann among others. The Evening News then was the most powerful newspaper that chewed up people perceived to be anti-Nkrumaist, including some leading members of the CPP then, Komla Agbeli Gbedema, Kojo Botsio, Ako Adjei among a host of others who were all either incarcerated or went into exile. They would attack the opposition in such publications as the Spark, a socialist outlet that took more than a leaf from the powerful Leninist publication of the same name. Gyawu Kyem took over from his minions in the CPP when Kutu Acheampong usurped power from K. A. Busia. It was the CPP all over again. The Ghanaian Times did a good job of ensuring that the Dankwa-Busia-Dombo tradition was forever silenced in the power
structure of Ghana.

Adakabre Frempong Manso is the son of R. O. Frempong Manso, formerly a deputy regional organizer of the Ghana Young Pioneers in the Eastern Region. He regards himself as a pure bred CPP boy as a result and never relented in his anti-NPP slant in his broadcasts. He has been openly questioned by listeners about his bias on his show toward the NPP. Readers may recall a tape he claims to have obtained from Europe about Kufuor which was all a hoax. Not only is Adakabre openly against the NPP, but he attempts to knock heads together at the highest level of the NPP, trying vainly to create internal animosity and conflicts. Like the Nkrumah CPP blood in his dry veins. Adakabre has no stomach to harbor opposing political views and wished a one party system was in place in Ghana.  He has to see reality and reconcile with his thoughts, for even top notched communist nations like the former Soviet Union crumpled and China have gradually moved away from totalitarian government. His intolerance has no room in contemporary Ghana and his ideas must be shoved into his “you know where!” (American slang for ass)
It is rather unfortunate for his managers to have pretended not to know what was going on. And now, seeing a possible outcome, Adakabre has denied Nana Addo attacking him. Kwame Despite is an astute businessman and we do not want to tell him want to do. If anything, he must understand and know that the NPP is half of the country. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo obtained half of the votes cast in 2008 and 2012. There is one likelihood in the press that we know.  People consume the media for several reasons. It could be political. It could also be for
entertainment or it could be for what is learned on the station among several others. If Nana and the NPP decide not to honor any invitation to two of Despite’s stations, the same can apply to the other stations in the group by association. Adakabre may have rendered some unqualified apology to Nana Addo and the NPP but what does that do to salvage his reputation? It is Nana Addo and his NPP that repealed the draconian press laws that existed in the country. As Nana said himself, he would not be the leader to return the country to those times of the culture of silence. But that does not give license to any media house to put any person or organization to ridicule. The NPP should be treated fairly like everyone else. Adakabre and Kwame Nkrumah Tikesee are not above the law and do not have the right to ridicule the NPP on their stations.

We took the better option to boycott these two. What they have done is show their colors and their biases and we will not be part of them. Our appeal to Kwame Despite is that he must see to it to ensure that all of his radio and television stations abide by the laid down regulations not to discriminate against the NPP as a party. We still command the support of at least five million votes.

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