Ghana: St. Charles Burns and a Legacy is threatened

GIn late August, the global body of St. Charles Old Boys Students Association (SCOBA) and the broader community of Tamale, witnessed yet another fire outbreak that resulted in the destruction of a newly constructed Parent Teacher Association (PTA) block. This is not the first report of such a senseless attack. St. Charles has suffered a series of such attacks that have razed down dormitory blocks and essential infrastructure. We are under attack; attacks maliciously devised and deployed to inflict maximum structural and reputational damage to a school already facing severe infrastructural constraints. And this time around a suspect, who was arrested and handed over to the police, is citing mental insanity as the reason for his reprehensible action. Indeed, the suspect’s action directly goes against the spirit of the guiding motto of St. Charles:Recta Sapere – “Right Judgement” or “Knowing what is Right”. But regardless, we expect the full rigors of the law to take its course.

The legacy of St. Charles has long enjoyed is being threatened, as the once tranquil and peaceful scene of the school, can now be compared to a war zone from which people are fleeing for their lives, and jeopardizing the legacy the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers), Cardinal Dery and all who laid their lives for truth, knowledge, and wisdom, envisaged. The school has been raped and defaced of its simple yet sturdy architecture, and these series of senseless acts have impinged on its hard-won fame which made it stand tall and best among equals. The current students of St. Charles represent the best of us. They are ambitious, hopeful, and daring to make our collective future bright. Yet as it stands today, students sleep and eat in the same space, oblivious to the hygiene and safety risks this poses to their wellbeing. 

Night seems to have fallen like a dreaded disease on this once oasis of calm and stability prompting students to ask each night “What is burning next and when; my books or my possessions?”.  While SCOBA does not seek vengeance at this time, we are vexed, and justifiably angry at these callous acts. Enough is Enough. This mayhem and madness must stop now and SCOBA is working to support lasting and practical steps/solutions to improve the fortunes of the school.  

The current school regime, academic achievements smack in the face of the mission, vision, and motto of the school. SCOBA knows better, can do better, and will do better by firing on all oars to stop our beloved school from extinction. We cannot and we will not fail ourselves. While leaders of the Church, for reasons unknown to us, accepted a government takeover of the school, SCOBA will do its bid to restore St. Charles back to its former glory so that families can entrust their children’s destiny into the hands of our well-trained and passionate teachers. We are in this together; and certainly, stronger together and drawing from Andrew Marvell’s poem “To His Coy Mistress”, SCOBA may not be able to make our sun stand still, yet we can make it run. We will restore St. Charles to its former glory and give our children a real chance to succeed.

To learn more about the state of the school and the reconstruction efforts please visit:

Contacts:  Mark Ofori Amanfo (President, Greater Accra Branch and Member of Global Coordinating Committee) +233 24-463-3448

David Kajah (President, USA and Canada and Member Global Coordinating Committee) +1 (773) 584-2125 


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