Ghanaian Educators Organization Founded in the U.S.

A not-for- profit corporation has been founded and incorporated for Ghanaian practitioners of the ancient and noble profession of teaching and educating the broad mass of humanity.
The “Society of American-Ghanaian Educators”, better known for its acronym “SAGES Inc” attained its legal existence status last October and has its temporary offices located in the borough of Queens in New York.
A full range of constitutional provisions and bye-laws have been drafted, discussed and adopted to provide the instruments by which the corporation will be organized and managed. Amongst them is a provision that grants full membership to all levels or serving or retired pedagogic, administrative and other student personnel in private and public schools and colleges in the United States. This includes Pre K to 12 Grade teachers, college lecturers (tenured / adjunct), administrators (principals etc), guidance counselors, school social workers, school therapists, librarians, sports coaches and paraprofessionals. Personnel in training can join as associate members.
The Constitution further outlines the organization’s aims and purposes as seeking to:
a) promote African cultural presence and prominence in public and private education in Ghana and the USA
b) work towards increasing academic achievements in Ghana and the USA
c) promote improvements in the quality of educators’ professional work in Ghana and the USA
d) engage in activist action to bring high quality education to Ghana and the USA
e) assist individuals in Ghana and the USA access opportunities for intellectual growth and self empowerment.
Prime on its to do list is to attract the attention of as many qualifying Ghanaians as there are in the United States – all 48 contiguous states, Hawaii and Alaska.
“In the long run, we plan, in concert with other professional bodies, to pool together the immense professional, intellectual and material resources Ghanaians possess that we know is out there to positively impact the delivery of education, primarily in Ghana and then the United States”, says a spokesperson for the new organization.
In the meantime, an interim body has been set up to take care of administrative matters as well as make plans for a fitting inauguration to be held sometime this coming year. It includes Mr. G. Ofori Anor (Pro-tem President), Ms Adelaide Sackeyfio (Pro-tem Secretary), Ms Joana Akitcher (Pro-tem Treasurer), with Dr George Lamptey and Mr. Ata Amoyaw as Pro-tem Advisors.
Contact information is as follows: Telephone: 718-690-6873, Email address: A website is under construction.

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