Is it incompetence or over confidence?

We thought Prosper Bani, Ghana’s new minister of the interior would recant his inadvertent exposure of the Electoral Commission that went awry. He has still not apologized to the good people of Ghana. We are not aware if he has apologized to his boss and his party. NDC General Secretary Asiedu Nketiah and
National Organizer Kofi Adams have both disowned him for the gaffe.
The harbinger of Bani’s exposure, while not so relevant happened to be part of the reasons why the so called ‘terrorists’ from South Africa were apprehended. One of the three South African ex-policemen – SA3 – was alleged to have in his possession names of staff of STL, a technology consultant to the Electoral Commission. Mr. Bani described STL as the technology consultant to the EC responsible for transmitting election results for final publication, a job description denied by
former chair of the EC, Kwadwo Afari Gyan. Now who is telling the truth about STL that still works for the EC?
Was the exposure by the minister the work of God? How else would Ghanaians have known what the STL was doing at the electoral commission? Several errors were discovered during the Supreme Court hearings of the NPP’s petition against the 2012 election results. We could conjecture that most of the mistakes could be attributed to the STL.
The anticipation of Ghanaians in the case of the so called SA3 was cut short after they were quickly and furtively expelled from the country while they were preparing to defend themselves at court. We are not well versed in Ghana’s immigration laws but we wonder if an accused, supposedly on bail could be whisked away so fast without continuing the adjudication process in a democracy like Ghana. What were the fears of the minister or government? Was the trial going to unearth something Ghanaians were not supposed to know? So assuming the accused happened to be Ghanaians would their case be heard in camera?
A few things don’t make logical sense. The NPP was quick to admit that the three were in the country to train their party’s security. By implication, according to NDC communicators, the SA3 being terrorists made the NPP terrorists, but the NPP was neither indicted nor even called as witness at court.
And by the way, was the accusation made by the interior minister against Capt. Koda valid? Or is the novice minister simply incompetent? We are amazed at a minister who used to be chief of staff and was the repository of important information of government. Any wonder why the Flagstaff House overspent its budget by several millions of Ghana cedis?

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