MoneyGram fetes Liberian bankers

MoneyGram International organized a press conference in New York July 19 for a number of bankers visiting from Liberia. The bankers included the Liberian Bank for Development & Investment (LBDI), Ecobank, International Bank and First International Bank (Liberia) Ltd and were in the country as guests of the money transfer conglomerate to meet and express their gratitude to Liberian patrons.

In an exclusive interview with LBDI and Ecobank, Amandla was told that the banks were new partners of MoneyGram International in Liberia and share some social responsibility programs with the money transfer company. LBDI was described as a public company with Liberian government interest. The bank also offers services to clients who live in the United States and who usually use MoneyGram International for their money transfers to Liberia. It also offers mortgage services that is patronized by several Liberian nationals living in the United States. Ecobank is a private holding company with branches in most African countries and offers much the same commercial services LBDI also provides.

Speaking for International Bank, Jackie Williams said that her bank has been with MoneyGram International as its money transfer partner in Liberia for more than a decade. Like other bankers interviewed before her, Williams said that the International Bank is a nation-wide financial institution with excellent partnership relations with MoneyGram International and shares several corporate social responsibility initiatives together. Ms. Williams describes her bank’s relationship with MoneyGram International as excellent and growing.

The guests would proceed to Chicago, Houston and a couple more cities in the United States to meet with Liberian nationals and the African media before returning home.

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