NPP Special Pre-delegate Elections

The recent special election that was held to select five out of seven prospects for the NPP’s flagbearership established tacitly that the candidate that is most likely to grab power for the party in 2016 is Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo. His continued emergence as the party’s primary choice is an indication that Nana Addo commands quite some following in the party. One would, however, think that the overwhelming votes he garnered at the August 31st election would energize the party to rally around Nana Addo, join hands together to send the NPP back into government come 2016. Unfortunately, even before the elections were held so much noise was made about the twice defeated presidential candidate. His enemies within the NPP resorted toplaying the age card. The man turns 70 this year.
Seizing on his long visit in the UK earlier in the year, his detractors, including some in the NDC never relented in bashing him as too old and too ill to lead in 2016. For purposes of party solidarity and unity, it would be prudent for contestants to be circumspect in their utterances so as not to play into the hands of the opposition NDC. Already recent incidents of violence at the party headquarters have provided the NDC with so much ammunition. Not only were there some altercerations at the party’s headquarters that was inimical to the party, but the utterances of the General Secretary immediately after the election of the party’s executives indicated that the new executives were planning to ditch Nana’s 2016 aspirations. The party’s super delegates on August 31, however, dispelled any doubts about any shenanigans likely to eject Nana from the race on October 18.
It also confirmed that Nana Addo is a grassroots man whose popularity is without equal in the NPP. But even more important is that he is the candidate most marketed in the party and without. We respect Kukrudu!!!

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