Our Community’s Thoughts on Kofi Annan

Amandla sampled a few Africans on their thoughts about the death of Kofi Annan, one-time Secretary General of the United Nations. Edited for brevity.

“May the ancestors welcome him into their midst and send down to us the wisdom to accomplish as much and even more than he nobly did, as our great God of all freely will give us because we have been bold to ask, as Nana Kofi Annan was bold to lead the world once in time, making all children of Black Africa proud.”
– Kofi Boateng PhD, New York

“A very proud African cultured man who stood for fairness, justice and equality for all the inhabitants of planet earth. He emboldened elegance, class and confidence only matched by the likes of Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and Martin Luther King!”
Mongezi Nkata, Washington D.C.

“Most people in other African countries and Europe know Ghana because of him. Non-Ghanaians are calling me to send their sympathy, they know Ghana because of him.”
Josh Agyare Cost Engineer, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Kofi Annan was a global pledged internationalist’, a chieftain of peace, extraordinary intelligence, decency and the voice of the voiceless. He stood throughout his life for a fairer and a peaceful world. He was a man of an extraordinary intelligence, decency, and the voice of the voiceless.”
Ebenezer Okyere, Tema, Ghana

“I believe the world will judge him fairly not only by his exemplary leadership and selfless service for humanity, but also the content of his character which epitomizes integrity, honesty and accountability. His body of works should serve as a template for leadership in Africa.”
-Kwaku Poku Agyeman, Glen Burnie, MD.

“Can anything good come from a “Third World” country like Ghana? Yes, Kofi Annan – a world statesman and a “diplomat’s diplomat” – was an example of what can come out of Africa. He was called “the world’s secular pope” because of his charisma, enduring moral authority, and uniquely measured approach to issues. The key to understanding his uniqueness was his ability to refuse to be provoked in any situation, a quality he insisted he “learned.””
-James Amemasor, New Jersey

“Man Of Peace, and Citizen of the world with Ghanaian parents, and the pride of Africa.”
-Okyerema Asante, Virginia

“May his soul rest in great peace. Amen.”
-Dr Nelson Aluya, New Jersey

“I remember the late Kofi Annan for his humility and his insight during the Iraq war. The way he handled the attack on him about his son’s involvement about food for oil scandal was a testament to his true leadership skills. May he rest [in] perfect peace.”
-Ivy Quarshie, New York City

“I don’t have a favorable opinion on his work. What he should have done was create an international body that will hold heads of states accountable for the mismanagements and genocide they inflict on their people. Instead he sold out the continent and gave the power back to Europeans and China to continue to manipulate Africa’s future with sponsored despots they force upon us.”
– Mambo Tse, New York City

“This outstanding icon has punctuated what it takes to be human with authenticity, excellence, empathic leadership and humanity. I have already celebrated him privately as a role model through a simple photographic publication that validates his efforts. What a human being; what a leader; what a specimen of God’s masterpiece! May his beautiful soul rest in peace.”
-Dr. Jonathan Wusu, New Jersey

“The former United Nations Secretary General, now late Kofi Atta Annan was born great and accomplished great things as a diplomat, administrator, scholar and humanitarian to name a few. His place in history books is guaranteed. Adios amiable Bosummuru!”
-Ifem Emmanuel Orji PhD New York City

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