Political killings: Signs of political instability

Intra-party problems are not uncommon in democracies. It is rife even among parties in the advanced democracies of the world but political killing, though not unknown is uncommon. Whenever anyone is made to make the ultimate sacrifice for political reasons in a political party, there must be trouble in the party and the killing of Mr. Adams Mahama the Upper East chairman of the NPP certainly is a strong indication of instability in the party.
When death happens in such circumstances, the fallouts may lead either to fragmentation or galvanization. If it is fragmented then the party’s fortunes go south, but when antagonists agree to bury the hatchet, the party grows even stronger and this is what the NPP must understand. It must work to prevent a breakup and work to come together like never before. The only beacon that should engage the party must be winning the 2016 elections. Nothing else should come between that and the party. To achieve any cohesion, a lot of work lies ahead for the NPP.
It may not be an easy task to forget such a dastardly act. Neither would it be easy to forgive. But in the interest of peace the death of Mr. Mahama should not be the harbinger of a breakup of the New Patriotic Party. Death, it is said could be a unifying factor and notwithstanding the pain caused the family and the party, unfortunate as it is. We believe that this event will remove the seeming instability that is tearing the party apart.
We are happy that Flag bearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has spoken. He has reminded the warring factions of the futility of infighting and called for a truce. Mahama is dead and gone but the party still lives. It is the vision of the former chairman that should serve as the guiding spirit. He strongly advocated for a successful NPP in the 2016 elections. He served his people with all his heart and that is what he would want the party to do. He loved his people and Ghana and that is what he expects the NPP to do.
We strongly appeal to the Ghanaian press to desist from unwarranted comments and solicitation for scoops from angry NPP executives and members. It is unprofessional. The media must rather help to find the perpetrators and to ensure that justice is seen to be done. It serves no good for the NPP to use the media as its battlefield and the media must not be seen to be encouraging same. It is misguided radio commentaries that sparked the genocide in Rwanda some two decades ago. The unfortunate event will not be fodder for media chicanery. Ghana needs change in leadership. The state of the nation’s economy, erratic supply of electricity and the general lapse in discipline in public service as well as corruption are killing Ghanaians and they would not forgive the NPP for failing to live up to its expectation to win the 2016 general elections. Amandla sympathizes with the Mahama family, the NPP and the people of Ghana for the dent in the country’s democratic credentials. The death should be avenged at the courts of law and culprits dealt with accordingly. Let the anger subside for good sense to prevail.
Viva Ghana!!!

Congratulations, President Buhari
Amandla joins Nigerians and friends of Nigeria in wishing the people of Nigeria and President Buhari all the best for the successful elections and the culminating inauguration of the winner on May 29

Some would deride the event as normal but in Africa and particularly in Nigeria it is an event of momentous joy and pride. For the first time in the country’s recent history a political party has given way to another in a peaceful transition.
It is the lack of such peaceful and normal exercise of one party replacing another in an election that has bedeviled most African nations. An oil-producing country of no mean proportion, political instability has stunted the growth of the Nigerian economy and in effect its development. For a country that abounds in quality human and material resources, Nigeria is reeling from the same defects countries much poorer are suffering.
A peaceful political climate makes for economic growth and this transition should reposition Nigeria into the comity of countries focused on the development and security of their people. We pray that General Buhari renews that spirit of discipline that he is known for hoping he will bring same to the new Nigeria he is once again coming to preside over.
Congratulations, Mr. President.

Viva Nigeria!!!

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