James Adams aircraft propelling
James Bauer coin changer
Andrew J. Beard rotary engine
Andrew J. Beard car coupler
Phil Brooks disposable syringe
Marie Brown home security system
Henry Blair corn planter
Henry Blair cotton planter
Sarah Boone ironing board
C.B. Brooks street sweepers
L.F. Brown horse bridle bit
Oscar E. Brown horseshoe
John Burr lawn mower
Burridge & Marshman ypewriter
R.A. Butler train alarm
George Carruthers image converter
George W. Carver peanut butter
George W. Carver paints and stains
George W. Carver lotions and soaps
George Cook automatic fishing reel
Al Cralle ice cream mold
W.A. Lavalette printing press
F.W. Leslie envelope seal
Lester Lee laser fuels
Maurice W. Lee pressure cooker
A.L. Lewis window cleaner
John L. Love pencil sharpener
Tom J. Marshall fire extinguisher
W.A. Martin lock
Jan Matzeliger shoe lasting machine
Elijah McCoy lubricators
Hugh Macdonald rocket catapult
Alexander Miles elevator
Garrett Morgan Gas mask
Garrett Morgan traffic signal
Lyda Newman hair brush
Alice H. Parker heating furnace


J.F. Pickering air ship (blimp)
Purdy/Sadgwar folding chair
W.B. Purvis hand stamp
W.B. Purvis fountain pen
L. P. Ray dust pan
A.C. Richardson insect destroyer gun
W.H. Richardson baby buggy
N. Rillieux sugar refinement
G.T. Sampson clothes drier
Henry Sampson cellular phone
Walter Sammons pressing comb
S.R. Scottron curtain rod
J.W. Smith lawn sprinkler
R.B. Spikes automatic gear shift
Dewey Sanderson urinalysis machine
W.A. Deitz shoe
Joseph Dickenson player piano
Joseph Dickenson arm for record player
O. Dorsey door stop
O. Dorsey door knob
Clatonia J. Dorticus photo print wash
Clatonia J. Dorticus photo print wash
P.B. Downing postal letter box
T. Elkins toilet (commode)
David A. Fisher furniture caster
Robert Flemming Jr. guitar
George F. Grant golf Tee
J. Gregory motor
Solomon Harper thermo hair curlers
Michael Harney lantern
B.F. Jackson gas burner
H.A. Jackson kitchen table
Isaac R. Johnson bicycle frame
John A. Johnson wrench
P. Johnson eye protector
W. Johnson egg beater
Frederick M. Jones defroster


Frederick M. Jones air conditioning unit
Frederick M. Jones 2-cycle gas engine
Frederick M. Jones internal combustion engine
Frederick M. Jones starter generator
Frederick M. Jones refrigeration controls
John H. Jordan clothes dresser
Jones & Long bottle caps
Latimer & Nichols electric lamp
Ralph Sanderson hydraulic shock absorber
J. Standard refrigerator
T.W. Stewart mop
Rufus J. Weaver stair climbing wheelchair
J.B. Winters fire escape ladder
Granville T. Woods telephone transmitter
Granville T. Woods electric cut-off switch
Granville T. Woods relay instrument
Granville T. Woods telephone system
Granville T. Woods electro mech. brake
Granville T. Woods galvanic battery
Granville T. Woods electric railway system
Granville T. Woods roller coaster
Granville T. Woods auto air brake
Paul E. Williams helicopter
Jerry Johnson sani-phone
Lonnie Johnson super soaker
Dr. Charles Drew blood plasma
Augustus Jackson ice cream
Otis Boykin pace maker controls
Otis Boykin guided missile
WM. Harwell space shuttle retrieval arm
Joseph N. Jackson programmable remote con trollers
Joseph N. Jackson video commander
Adolph Shamms multstage rocket

Source: The Black Inventors Museum

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