‘Tema Harbour is More Efficient:’ Director of Ports


The director of the largest port in Ghana, Mr. Edward Osei, has high-lighted efficiency at the Tema Port since the government introduced novel ways to streamline processes.

Mr. Osei, who was appointed to the position about eighteen months ago, said the elimination of red tapeism and unending bureaucracy has facilitated efficiency in clearing goods.

“It used to take about three weeks to clear consignment at the port; but it now takes between three and four days,” Mr. Osei told this writer in an interview.

He pointed out that the introduction of paperless technology, improved equipment service and maintenance, as well as regular contacts and communications with stakeholders, are some measures employed for continual improvement at the port.

The former New York and New Jersey state attorney remarked that he has an open-door policy and is receptive to all suggestions.

He emphasized the need to stem unfair labor practices based on prejudice, bias, and other non-productive tendencies that could thwart the gains being made at the port. “Employee empowerment is one of my cardinal goals,” he said purposefully.

Even though Mr. Osei is mainly in charge of safety and goods delivery and conceded that port revenue generation is not part of his duties, he pointed out that the seemingly high taxes on imports are a result of the better and effcient valuation system that has been put in place.

Hitherto, some importers colluded and connived with unscrupulous employees to undercut the system by declaring lower and below-market purchase prices of commodities they brought in.

He said faceless and paperless transactions have eliminated potential shenanigans and brought taxes and customs duties to their expected levels. He observed that there hasn’t been a substantial increase in tax rates.

“It’s the system that is working. It’s a process whereby we are deploying technology and utilizing best practice methods to optimize efficiency.”

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