The Case of Gayism in Ghana and Africa

Ghanaian politicians, clergy, academicians, and other professionals are upset, actually angry and up in arms, about British Prime Minister Theresa May’s offer to help Ghana expunge laws against homosexuality that the colonial government bequeathed to Ghana and Africa, because Britain (and other developed nations) have expunged theirs in the name of human rights!

We would rather define human rights in terms of racism, bigotry, inequality, and injustice meted out to fellow human beings rather than in terms of personal sexual orientation.

If Britain and other countries have normalized sexual orientations, that is their prerogative. Africa is not at war with its own emotions when it comes to the institution of matrimony.

Western countries and the US abolished polygamy and legalized homosexuality, and Africa minded its own business. By culture and religion, Africa has basically been a polygamous society and shunned homosexuality – at least publicly – and we think it is none of the business of any other nation or continent to “neocolonialize” Africa with unnatural tendencies.

There are no bastards in a typical polygamous culture, because every child has and knows his or her father.

On the contrary, lots of children with “absent” wealthy fathers in monogamous societies – who could have been role models for their children – do not have the luxury (at least openly and legally) of their father’s love, comfort, and directions.

They are simply off limits to their wealthy fathers. African culture is at variance with gayism and lesbianism because the cardinal reason of matrimony is to procreate.

What individuals do behind close doors is exclusively their prerogative, but to foist a foreign culture unto Africa in the name of Human Rights defies the African Mind.

In Africa public nudity is not part of the culture, while in some countries people may go nude, especially in parks and at beach fronts.

The next time around, African countries would be urged to pass laws to accept public nudity in the name of human rights. Or even cease to make babies because Europeans’ birthrate is on the decline! Unless and until Africa ceases to be totally dependent on the West, its people will continue to be treated as puppets and subjected to being pushed around.

As much as we deem the offer by the likes of British Prime Minister Theresa May nauseating and an act of interference in the affairs of sovereign nations, it is high time Africa weaned itself off its colonial mentality and tendencies in terms of economics, politics, social, religion, and culture.

It should not have taken Ghanaian politicians, the clergy, academicians, and other professionals well over sixty years to decipher that the socio-political, cultural, and religious practices of Europeans are alien to, and have not been beneficial to Africa.

When Ghanaian lawmakers and legal minds sit in Parliament and in the courts in European suits and attire and utilize the English language as the medium of communication, it creates a sense of unAfricaness.

And by the way, what do Africans want to prove with first (or Christian names, as referred to in Anglophone countries) names like Matilda, George, Elizabeth, or Francis in an African name structure? Cultural dependence!

What happened to African personality and identity?

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