United Way Engages Africans

Thursday, February 2: Newark, NJ: The United Way of Essex and West Hudson held a reception for the African Community in the greater Newark area. It was an evening of networking and a learning process among Africans and African Americans who gathered at the venue for the evening’s event. It was also a time of a collective effort at thinking about the African community: resources available to it; what can be done for it; what it can contribute to the community at large; and how both the African and the African Communities can work together.
The reception was an informal occasion where the United Way, led by its president, Keith H. Green and United Way Africa Community Engagement (ACE) Coordinator Lorna Johnson the organization apprised the African community of the resources the United Way has for the African community. Among the speakers were board members and volunteers of the United Way of Essex and West Hudson and the Cross Cultural Counseling Center, an immigration advisory center. “We have created this event to bridge the awareness of a variety of programs and services available in our community. The ACE initiative has been designed to insure our newest community members know about the variety of resources in the greater Metropolitan Newark area.”

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