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I’m Nigerian. I’m Vaccinated. Europe Won’t Let Me In

IFEANYI NSOFOR I’m fully vaccinated. I want to travel to Europe. And fully vaccinated visitors are welcome. But I can’t get in. That’s because the vaccine I received is not on Europe’s list of four approved vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Oxford-AstraZeneca, but only the version manufactured in the United Kingdom or Europe […]

A Great Unseen Humanitarian Crisis Migrants and Refugees in Yemen

The road from Ras al-Ara to the port city of Aden, in southern Yemen, runs for almost 90 miles through barren, windswept desert. The landscape is scorched by the sun, and temperatures often teeter around 40°C. Reminders of Yemen’s complex six-year-old war abound: burned-out tanks litter the roadways and stern fighters man checkpoints. Occasionally, along […]

Africa Needs Electricity Now More Than Ever, Especially to Keep COVID-19 Vaccines Cold

KEN SILVERSTEIN Solar energy conjures up images of rooftop panels. The depiction is especially true in Africa, where about 600 million people are without access to electricity — power to keep the lights on and power to keep the COVID-19 vaccine frozen. Africa’s economy has experienced solid growth at an average of 3.7% throughout the […]

The fight against illegal mining in Ghana must continue without fail

KWABENA OPONG Illegal mining or galamsey (gather them and sell) has assumed epidemic proportions in Ghana. The success of the effort by former minister of lands and mineral resources, John P. Amewu to sanitize – not stop – the illegality and its attendant destruction was short-lived. As if by design, galamsey has resurfaced and, like […]

Is the Pandemic Causing A Surge in Female Genital Mutilation?

MARIA GODOY In early December, Christine Ghati Alfons taught a menstrual hygiene class to a group of girls, 10 to 15 years old, in the ethnic Kuria community in Migori County, an impoverished, rural area in southwest Kenya. Normally, she says, the class has 25 students. On this day, only 17 girls showed up. “We […]

Is Mass Vaccination the Best Strategy for All Countries? A Doctor’s Surprising View

COVID-19 is now the second-leading cause of death in the U.S. for 2020. The virus has killed more than 90 people per 100,000, reports Johns Hopkins University. But in other parts of the world, the virus hasn’t been such a big problem. It’s not a top killer. Some global health experts are beginning to ask […]

Triumph of Democracy over Demagoguery

UCHENNA EKWO American people poured out to the streets in their millions across major cities on Saturday to greet the outcome of the historic 2020 presidential election. The same outpouring of excitement occurred in major world capitals in London, Paris, Abuja, and Berlin etc. In a tweet, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo exclaimed: “Welcome […]

Macron Is Paying the Price for France’s Bloody History in Africa

ANIA NUSSBAUM The severed heads of the resistance fighters were displayed in a market square first. Then they were shipped back to private collections in Paris. For decades, they were boxed up in a museum basement and finally, this July, Emmanuel Macron sent them home. As the Algerian military transport taxied to halt, the country’s […]

Is Africa a victim of bias by international investors?

ASHUTOSH PANDEY African leaders are flagging “unjustifiably” high borrowing rates charged by global investors. International organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank are equally complicit in perpetrating the bias, experts say. The economic blow dealt by the coronavirus pandemic has reignited a sentiment that Africans have shared for years: Their growth is inhibited […]

The UN’s Failure to Act on Race

KWAME AKONOR Racism is not only an American problem but a plague that people of African descent have had to endure since time immemorial. Rather than seizing this historic moment to act decisively, the United Nations, the world’s highest platform for human rights, dithered on the issue when it was called on to establish a […]