CHRAJ pulls a fast one on Ghanaians

CHRAJ’s report regarding the Ford gift from Burkinabe contractor Djibril Kanazoe smacks of a hushed job done to please a beleaguered president in an election year. The entirety of the report is not yet available to Amandla but the little we have read does not show any professionalism and defies the constitution. We dare disagree with the report as pedestrian in its references to how the car was gifted to the president.

According to Acting CHRAJ Commissioner Joseph Whittal, the president’s mode of acceptance of the gift absolves him from any charges bribery and corruption. “What is the secrecy in which the gift was made? What about the personal gain because there is an offence called acceptance of bribe by a public officer and if you read the report clearly, this is a gift that came through the embassy. …‘Put the car in the presidential pool.’ Where is the personal gain? He has not taken advantage of the gift…” Stealing money for tithing at church does not erode the mode of obtaining the money. Claims that the president put the car in the presidential car pool is a non issue since that act does not remove the influence the gift engendered. Note that the contractor got more jobs after the gift contravening the constitutional provision as in article 284 of the 1992 constitution. After exonerating the president why would CHRAJ turn around to indict him [the president] of violating the principle of the constitutional provision? There are more questions but CHRAJ’s conduct in the matter needs to be investigated further. The matter of the gift should not end with the report either. We are afraid integrity has proceeded on vacation with Mr. Whittal. The report is a poor show of kissing up to the boss.

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