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Skin Bleaching by African Women

The potential dangers and harmful side effects of skin bleaching notwithstanding, it is on the increase in Africa. It is believed that about 25 to 80 percent of women regularly use skin whitening products to achieve what they believe is a beauty enhancement. Among the many reasons why women bleach their skin, particularly their faces, […]

Meet the mega cultural group with super sounds  

KOFI AYIM At full strength, it is a 35-member ensemble, including 15 female performers. Each one of them plays at least a drum or two and may be an expert in several local, national, and West African cultural dances. Formed on November 11, 2006, by the late Badu Odartey Evans, and by Lawrence Quaye in […]

Sweden: Oil executives on trial over Sudan war crimes

Two former executives at a Swedish oil firm face accusations of complicity in war crimes in present-day South Sudan. The case is expected to be the biggest in Sweden’s history. The former CEO of Swedish oil company Lundin Oil, now known as Orron Energy, went on trial together with the firm’s ex-vice president in Stockholm […]

After Primary, Rhode Island Looks Set to Have Its First Black Member of Congress

Gabriel Amo, a moderate Democrat who served in the Obama and Biden administrations, won a special House primary to succeed Representative David N. Cicilline in the deep-blue state. KAYLA GUO Gabriel Amo, a moderate Democrat who served in the Biden and Obama administrations, won a raucous Democratic special primary election in Rhode Island’s First Congressional […]

Man accused of killing Sayreville councilwoman had falling-out with her church

KATIE KAUSCH The man accused of shooting Sayreville Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour earlier this year will remain in jail ahead of a trial after an emotional detention hearing in New Brunswick where additional details about their relationship were revealed. Rashid Ali Bynum pleaded not guilty in Superior Court in Middlesex County Monday August 28 morning, nearly […]

Niger Coup: Flagged momentum and confused leaders

Recent developments in post-coup Niger indicate either a change of mind or a loss of momentum even among both the military junta and the people. First of all, attitudes towards those perceived to be pro-French, and by implication, the Americans who share the same repressive economic and political attitudes towards Niger have flagged considerably. Generally […]

Typology of the Moon & concepts of Akan Motherhood

KOFI AYIM In ancient Egyptian symbolism, both the dove and hawk represented the Holy Spirit.  The dove was the lunar (moon) Goddess, while the hawk was the aggressive solar (sun) God. The dove represented motherhood and was typified by Breath. The sun became the male aspect of the moon Goddess and surpassed the moon as […]

With ECOWAS, not all dictators are equal

LASISI OLAGUNJU The Jerusalem Post is arguably Israel’s most-read English news website and best-selling English newspaper. On Wednesday, August 9 it published an interesting report of what it described as a “nature drama” involving a large black snake in the town of Shoham, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The huge snake was “found motionless […]

Chinese Social Media Platforms Fail to Control Racism Against Black People: Report

WILLIAM YANG A new report by Human Rights Watch finds that racist content denigrating Black people is increasingly common on the Chinese internet, and that major social media platforms and Chinese authorities have failed to address the issue systematically. HRW analyzed hundreds of videos and posts on popular Chinese social media platforms, including Bilibili, Douyin, […]

UN warns Sudan conflict is ‘spiraling out of control’ as 4 million flee

Four months into the conflict in Sudan, more than 4 million people have been displaced while those left behind are running out of food and dying without healthcare, the United Nations has warned. “Time is running out for farmers to plant the crops that will feed them and their neighbors. Medical supplies are scarce. The […]