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DDT’s toxic legacy can harm granddaughters of women exposed, study shows

ROSANNA XIA When Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” first sounded the alarm on DDT and its devastating effects on birds and fish, our understanding of how this pesticide affected humans was just beginning. Chemicals can take years to reveal their insidious power, and so for decades, scientists have been piecing together — study by study — […]

Lost golden city of Luxor’ discovered by archaeologists in Egypt

The 3,400-year-old royal city was built by Amenhotep III, abandoned by his heretic son, Akhenaten, and contains stunningly preserved remains. ERIN BLAKEMORE Three thousand four hundred years ago, a contentious ancient Egyptian king abandoned his name, his religion, and his capital in Thebes (modern Luxor). Archaeologists know what happened next: The pharaoh Akhenaten built the […]

Chalk two for Sakabo – he outwits a police officer and a journalist

And so to the Bronx I went. The subway had delayed so much that my bladder was bursting at the seams. I rushed to the nearest corner and let go the stuff women don’t like, insensitive to people around. This is New York and ……. I started to say to myself but was cut short […]

China growing cocoa is a cause for concern – COCOBOD

EVANS ANNANG News that China has recently exported cocoa to Belgium is a great cause of concern for the industry in Ghana, COCOBOD has said. According to the Public Affairs Manager of COCOBOD, Fiifi Boafo, Ghana should be concerned about China growing cocoa. In an interview on Citi FM, he said this development can have […]

Along the mighty Niger River, fewer fish and more jihadists

AMAURY HAUCHARD Ousmane Djebare Djenepo, wearing sunglasses and an easy smile, stands upright to show off the mighty Niger River which is flowing around his traditional wooden canoe, or pirogue. The 76-year-old Malian is one of tens of thousands of fishermen who make a living from the river and the verdant wetlands which surround it. […]

DRC demands US$4.3B from Uganda for war reparation

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has asked Uganda to pay U$322 million for damages caused by its troops during the Congo invasion between 1997 and 2003. This reparation is part of the US$4.3 billion compensation that Congo is demanding from Uganda nearly half of $10 billion it demanded in 2005. Additional amount Congo is […]

British University to Return ‘Looted’ Benin Bronze to Nigeria

KABIR YUSUF The university said on Thursday that the sculpture had left Nigeria in an “extremely immoral” manner. The University of Aberdeen says it will return a Benin Bronze to Nigeria within weeks, the first institution to do so more than a century after Britain looted the sculptures and auctioned them to Western museums and […]

EU warns Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire over possible ban of cocoa into EU markets

GODWILL ARTHUR-MENSAH The European Union (EU) has threatened Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire with a law that could ban Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire from exporting cocoa beans into the EU market. This is due to the activities of illegal small-scale mining in cocoa growing areas in the two West African countries, which produced over 60 per […]

Galamsey – the economic antithesis of Ghana’s development

In his opening speech at a bi-partisan Consultative Dialogue on Small Scale Mining in Accra on Wednesday, April 14 President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo called on participants to “discuss issues relating to illegal small-scale mining dispassionately devoid of partisan politics, narrow and parochial interests.” The Consultative Dialogue was initiated by the Minister of Lands and […]

Glimpses of Sudan’s Forgotten Pyramids

ALESSIO MAMO Desecrated by plunderers, threatened by floodwaters and largely overshadowed by their Egyptian counterparts, Sudan’s ancient archaeological sites may finally be poised to receive broader recognition. The site was nearly deserted. A few locals were tidying up after recent restoration work, and young camel drivers were out looking for clients. In the midday heat, […]