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At Guinea’s only specialized snakebite clinic, doctors need luck and antivenom

SAM BRADPIECE Fatoumata Lamourana was oblivious to the green mamba’s approach. But as the 68-year-old led her cattle through the scrubby bushlands of western Guinea, she felt its short fangs penetrate the flesh above her ankle. “When it bit me, I tried to run away but could only go so far before I collapsed and […]

The truth about immune-boosting supplements

Increasing your intake of zinc and vitamins C and D during winter isn’t a magic bullet. Here’s what the science says about the most commonly touted interventions. PRIYANKA RUNWAL To guard against a winter rise in respiratory infections, some people “boost” their immune system with supplements and nutrient-rich foods. For a subset, that is in […]

German priest contradicts pope and backs pornography as sexual ‘relief’ for celibates

A priest of the Diocese of Münster, Germany, Father Hermann Backhaus, said that consuming pornography “can have a relieving effect” on celibate people. He also considers it a “very strong” statement to associate the devil with pornography, as Pope Francis did at a meeting with seminarians in Rome in October. Backhaus has been a priest […]

Food insecurity is driving women in Africa into sex work, increasing HIV risk

SEYMA BAYRAM The first time she traded sex for food to feed her family, J was 14 years old. Her father died when she was an infant, leaving her single mother to care for her and her six siblings in her native village in eastern Uganda. She soon gave birth to a baby girl, and […]

Why doesn’t the U.S. have more Black doctors?

BRITTANY TRANG When LaShyra “Lash” Nolen was learning about how to recognize signs of Lyme disease in a class at Harvard Medical School, a fellow Black classmate pointed out that all the examples featured people with white skin. ”How would I recognize these on someone’s skin who looked like mine?” her classmate asked. “The professor […]

One-third of U.S. labs have stopped using race-based equations to diagnose kidney disease

BRITTANY TRANG Even as a child, La’Tonzia Adams was interested in diagnosing disease. One day, when she noticed a bump on her chest, she decided to look up “chicken pox” in the Webster’s dictionary at her grandmother’s house to figure out if her symptoms matched the illness. “I remember I scratched it, and it was […]

World Cup 2022: Salima Mukansanga to ‘open doors’ for female officials

CELESTINE KARONEY Rwanda’s Salima Mukansanga hopes that being selected to referee at the men’s World Cup, the first time women are doing so in 92 years of the competition, will open doors for other aspiring female officials in Africa. Earlier this year, she became the first woman to take charge of a match at the […]

Fast Fashion Waste Is Choking Developing Countries with Mountains of Trash

Less than 1% of used clothing gets recycled into new garments, overwhelming countries like Ghana with discards. NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON, EKOW DONTOH, & DHWANI PANDYA Tangled coils of waterlogged clothes roll like carcasses in the waves along the coast of Ghana, one of the world’s biggest importers of used clothing. The castoffs arriving by the […]

Racism concerns as African students refused Canada visas

Long viewed as a multicultural and inclusive nation, Canada admitted recently that its immigration system is tinged with racism and concern has risen over high rejection rates for African students. “I have met people who have had their visas refused more than five times,” even though they had been accepted by Canadian universities, says Serge […]

Ghana needs a “one-term sacrificial” president

KOFI AYIM That Ghana is up the creek without a paddle is indubitably undeniable, and the only way out of the current socioeconomic conundrum facing the 65-year-old country is for its leaders to sit up straight. The current economic challenges require some unpopular decisions that may not sit well with a cross-section of the populace […]