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German priest contradicts pope and backs pornography as sexual ‘relief’ for celibates

A priest of the Diocese of Münster, Germany, Father Hermann Backhaus, said that consuming pornography “can have a relieving effect” on celibate people. He also considers it a “very strong” statement to associate the devil with pornography, as Pope Francis did at a meeting with seminarians in Rome in October. Backhaus has been a priest […]

Germany to fund projects in Namibia to atone for colonial crimes

Namibian government says Germany will fund infrastructure, healthcare and training projects over 30 years. Germany has agreed to fund projects in Namibia worth 1.1 billion euros ($1.3bn) over 30 years to atone for its role in mass killings and property seizures in its-then colony more than a century ago, according to a Namibian government spokesman. […]

How Africa’s largest city is staying afloat

AYODELE JOHNSON The most populous city in Africa is also one of its most vulnerable to sea level rise and floods. To stay afloat, everything from its architecture to its transport may have to change. Navigating the thronging streets of Lagos, Nigeria, is a challenge at the best of times. But during the rainy seasons, […]