Diaper-wearing gays need “psychotic” treatment – Mike Ocquaye

Ghanaian Political Historian Mike Ocquaye has argued that homosexuals are “sick” people who need “psychotic” treatment. He said gays must therefore stop fighting for their “deviant” behaviour to be accepted in society as normal.
“It has persistently been argued that homosexuality should be accepted because some men and women are born with hormonal and other deficiencies and that the same applies to lesbians. I wish to submit that whenever this happens, it is an indication that the person involved is sick in some way or the other, and what that individual needs is medical or psychotic treatment, not accepting the deviant conduct, otherwise every disability, every ailment can become a ground for breaking the laws of the country or of society and if that should happen, we’ll be worse than the animals,” the former history Professor put forth strongly.
Ocquaye told an anti-gay forum in Accra, Ghana on Thursday, that Africa must resist attempts by the West to shove homosexuality down the Continent’s throat.
The former presidential aspirant’s anger follows the World Bank’s recent postponement of a $90 million loan for Uganda after the East African country passed anti-gay laws which attracted harsh criticism from the West. The loan was meant to support health initiatives in Uganda. The World Bank is financing $1.56 billion worth of projects in Uganda. Foreign aid from mainly Western countries and Breton Woods Institutions account for 13 percent of Uganda’s gross domestic product.
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, in a recent opinion piece for the Washington Post, expressed qualms about the more than 80 countries that have passed anti-gay legislations worldwide. Nigeria passed a law in January to punish homosexuality with a 14-year prison term. There about 12 countries in Africa where homosexuality is a crime. Ghana’s laws are smudgy on the subject. They criminalise bestiality and “unnatural carnal knowledge” but do not specifically mention homosexuality.
In Kim’s opinion: “There is clear evidence that when societies enact laws that prevent productive people from fully participating in the workforce, economies suffer,” arguing that: “Legislation restricting sexual rights, for instance, can hurt a country’s competitiveness by discouraging multinational companies from investing or locating their activities in those nations.”
Uganda’s anti-gay law was enacted in February and accented to by President Yoweri Museveni on February 24, in the full glare of Western and local media. They impose a life sentence for gay crimes and also make it an offence not to report the laws’ violation.
“The west can keep their ‘aid’ to Uganda over homos, we shall still develop without it,” Ofwono Opondo, a spokesperson for the Ugandan government, said on Twitter. He added: “Slave trade, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, and exploitation, Africa must stand up to Western domination.”
Besides the World Bank, Denmark and Norway have also either withheld or re-directed aid away from Uganda’s $90 billion economy, according to Bloomberg. Denmark will withhold $9 million in investments in private projects while Norway will withhold $8 million in development aid. The U.K. will also reportedly redirect $163 million in aid through alternative routes instead of passing it through the government.
Billionaire Richard Branson, in an interview with CNN a day after Museveni accented to the anti-gay law advocated a business boycott of Uganda. “I don’t want to spend money in Uganda. I would rather spend money in countries that treat their people decently,” Branson said.
UK Premier David Cameron, American President Barack Obama as well as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon are all on record to have threatened to withhold aid to African countries that pass anti-gay laws.
Ghana’s Mike Ocquaye however slammed homosexuality as alien to Africa and wondered why the West is bent on foisting it on the Continent.
“Indeed, our socialisation process in Ghana from time immemorial, excludes homosexuality and this is generally African. In fact it was also universal. It was also European. It was also American until some people slept and thought otherwise and if they have changed their minds, we are not about to follow them wherever they go,” Ocquaye said.
According to him, “homosexual adults are enticing, inducing and seducing innocent young people into homosexuality and society cannot sit down unconcerned.”
Ocquaye, who is also a Clergyman, nonetheless conceded that resisting the gay lobbyists would be an uphill task that requires concerted continental efforts.
“One thing I’ll want to emphasise is that homosexuality today has become a cult. It has become a club. It has become a foundation. It has become something that some people are promoting and putting billions of dollars into so that this unusual and abnormal behaviour should be accepted by force by the world. This is the strength of the danger and for which matter we must stand up strongly against it,” he warned.

He said the festering invasion of the Continent by Westerners to promote homosexuality poses a grave danger to Africa.
“Notably, through the internet, foreigners – mostly whites – are contacting our young men in Ghana and other parts of Africa. These aliens fly down to sodomise our youth who accompany them to tourist centres and hotels. The foreigners leave them behind.
“Can we configure the diseases that are left behind? Can we fully imagine what damage this male youth prostitution will do the health of our youth as well as the religious, moral, social and allied fabric of our society? The European leaders seek to promote sodomy and male prostitution. What is their interest and whose interest do they seek to serve? Can Africans afford to sit back unconcerned?”
Branding the invasive trend of homosexuality as slavery, Ocquaye said there was the need for Africa to tighten the noose on homosexuality through legislative means and also punish foreigners who propagate it.
“In the same way that society punishes the big organisers of prostitution, even more, so should we tighten our laws so that persons from Europe who are facilitating a new homosexual and lesbian trade, employing various avenues, including human trafficking of our youth to Europe, should be checked and punished.
“Africa must resist a new sodomy slave trade so that we nip in the bud, a situation whereby lesbian groups, clubs and societies who have huge sums of money, will export our youth, use them for their improper pleasures of the flesh, infect them with diseases and dump them. This is not a joke. The same way they get visas overnight for brilliant footballers, so will they start obtaining visas for our young people using the influence of the powerful gay lobby in the UK and other countries. If we keep quiet now, we shall mourn miserably in some years to come,” Ocquaye said.
Dr Apraku also suggested that the government should explore anti-dumping legislation made available by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to restrict other countries from dumping their goods on the Ghanaian market.


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