Eritrea: Women Students in Agordat Boarding School Witness Improvement in Academic Performance

Agordat — Women students in Agordat boarding school expressed conviction that their academic performance has been improved because of the conducive ground ensured through the school administration.

The students from the sub-zones of Agordat, Mensura, Hagaz, Forto-Sawa, Laelai-Gash, Dige and Shambuko expressed conviction that the new lifestyle in the boarding school had earlier been difficult. They further explained that the facilities in the school have ensured a bright future to them.

Asma Suleman and Natsnet Tesfit, 11th graders, commended the opportunity created for them and explained that they were not in a position to be competent in school before they joined the boarding school due to overload of domestic tasks. Meanwhile, they asserted that life in the boarding school has enabled them to fully concentrate on their studies.

Eden Tsigehans and Ogbit Fisseha on their part commended the teachers and house mothers in the school for their relentless support and guidance.

Mr. Hasebela Mohamed Nur, director of the boarding school, indicated that it was set up in 1995 targeting students in remote areas to participate equally in education.

The school administration disclosed that it is giving service to 630 students currently and that it spends 3,500,000 Nakfa annually for the living expenses of the students.



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