Most Sought-After Contract between GFA and Goran Leaked

The most sought-after contract between the Ghana Football Association and Serbian Coach Goran Stevanovic that gave him the job of coaching the Black Stars has been leaked.

The contract was retyped for the purposes of publication by and culled by below.

According to the report, on the hard copy of the contract, there was no date available when the Agreement was signed into effect, but it does indicate somewhere in January 2011.

THE AGREEMENT is made the day of January 2011 in Accra, between THE GHANA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION of 7, South East Ridge, Osu Link Accra in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana with its offices situated at ….. Accra in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana (hereinafter called the *Association*) of the one part and GORAN STEVANOVIC a Serbian national of Gen. Mihaijila Nedeljkovic 140, Belgrade (hereinafter called the “Coach”) of the other part.

WHEREAS The Association is desirous of engaging the services of a coach for the senior national team of Ghana called the Black Stars and has offered to engage the coach upon the terms and conditions herein stated; and

The Coach has accepted the Association’s offer to Coach the senior national team aforesaid upon the terms set out herein.

Job Description 1.1 The Coach shall be in charge of and be responsible for the selection of players, training, play, performance and the general technical direction of the Black Stars as well as the general technical direction and supervision of other national football teams to which the Coach may be assigned by the Association.

1.2 The Coach’s job title or description does not limit the work the Coach is employed to do and the Coach may be required to do any work within his capacity and competence as a coach that the Association may from time to time require and direct.

2.0 Commencement & Term 2.1 The Coach’s employment is for a period of Two (2) years certain and shall commence on the 1st day of February 2011 to 28th February 2013 unless it is extended, or terminated in accordance with this agreement.

2.2 For the avoidance of doubt, it is agreed by the parties that the Association alone has the power to extend the present agreement after a period of two (2) years subject to the general terms and conditions stipulated herein.

3.0 Place of Work 3.1 The base from which the Coach shall perform his duties under this Agreement shall be any place or places in Ghana or any other place that the Association shall designate or direct but his normal residence shall be in Accra.

3.2 The Coach may be required in the performance of his duties to travel to such places in or outside Ghana as the nature of his work in terms of this Agreement requires subject to the permission and direction of the Association.

3.3 If the Coach is required to work outside Ghana for the performance of his duties, the Association will, in order to preserve the Coach’s employment rights, treat the Coach as ordinarily working in Ghana

4.0 Technical Staff

4.1 The Coach shall in the performance of his duties, be supported by a technical team comprising such persons as shall be appointed by the Association in consultation with the Coach and persons forming part of that technical team shall be subject to the direction of the Coach.

5.0 Management Team 5.1 The parties understand and agree that the day-to-day management of the national teams shall be vested in Management Committees appointed by the Association but that Coach shall in the performance of his duties, be answerable directly to the Association.

6.0 Remuneration/Benefits Salary and Bonuses

6.1 The Association shall pay to the Coach for his services under this Agreement:

6.1.1 A monthly salary of Thirty Thousand Euros (€30,000.00) payable in arrears at the end of every month. The salary shall be net of taxes and all deductions.

6.1.2 A performance bonus In the case of the Black Stars, shall be twice any sum paid to the players of the Black Stars for winning any competitive international match; In respect of other national teams for which the Coach may be assigned such amount as may be agreed. In addition to the aforesaid sums to be paid to the coach, the coach shall be entitled to payment of the sum of two hundred thousand Euros (€200,000.00) as signing on fees and the further payments as stipulated in clause hereunder; the sum of One hundred thousand Euros each (€100,000.00) if the Black Stars team wins the Africa Cup of Nations (2012,2013), the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Euros (€250,000.00) if the Black Stars team qualifies to play in the 2014 World Cup, the sum of five hundred thousand Euros (€500,000.00) if the team qualifies to play in the final game of the 2014 World Cup and the sum of one million Euros (€1,000,000.00) if the Black Stars team wins the 2014 World Cup. All payments are net of taxes

Accommodation & Communication 6.2 The Association shall provide for the use and benefit of the Coach the following facilities:

6.2.1 A cell phone to be used solely for purposes of his employment the bills on which shall be paid by the Association.

6.2.2 A vehicle with a driver for the Coach’s official and personal use. Fuel and maintenance cost of the vehicle shall be paid by the Association.

6.2.3 Furnished accommodation suitable for a family of four. The cost of water, electricity and other utilities, rates and impositions on the premises shall be paid by the Association.

Medical Care 6.2.4 The Association shall ensure that the coach and his wife are provided with medical care in Ghana and shall accordingly cause to be affected and maintained a health insurance policy to cover the cost of the medical care received by the Coach and his wife in Ghana

6.2.5 A personal accident policy with an insurance company of repute in Ghana. The sum insures shall be negotiated.

Holidays 6.3 The Coach shall be entitled to forty (40) days paid holidays in each year of his employment. All holidays must be taken at times agreed at least one month in advance by the Association and not more than twenty (20) days may be taken consecutively on any one occasion without the express written permission of the Association.

Travel Facilities 6.4 The Association shall provide the Coach and his wife airline tickets on a suitable airline for the purpose of:

6.4.1 Travel from Serbia to Accra to commence his employment under this Agreement.

6.4.2 Travel from Accra to Serbia on the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

6.4.3 Travel from Accra to Serbia and back to Accra once in a year for approved holidays.

6.5 The Association shall obtain at its expense for the Coach and his wife all visas and permits required under the laws of Ghana to enable the Coach live and work in Ghana for the duration of this Agreement.

7.0 Good faith/Loyalty 7.1 The Coach shall devote his whole time, attention and skill to the business and interest of the national teams to which he is assigned in a proper and efficient manner and use his best endeavors to develop, maintain and extend that business, and at all times act loyally and faithfully to the Association.

7.2 The Coach shall not directly or indirectly carry on or assist in carrying on or be employed or engaged in any other business or work of any kind during the term of this Agreement.

8.0 Confidentiality 8.1 Except as authorized by his duties the Coach shall keep secret and shall not use or disclose and shall use his best endeavors to prevent the use or disclosure by any person of any of the Association’s confidential information which comes to his knowledge during the term of this Agreement.

8.2 The restrictions in sub-clause 8.1 shall apply during and after the termination of the Coach’s employment without any time limit but shall cease to apply to any information or knowledge which the Coach establishes has in its entirety become public knowledge otherwise through any unauthorized disclose or other breach on his part.

9.0 Termination 9.1 As stipulated at clause 2 herein the duration of this contract shall be for two (2) years but the Association alone shall have the right to extend the contract after a period of two years but where the Association does not terminate the coach’s contract after the first two years, the coach shall be entitled to a twenty five per cent (25%) increase in his monthly salary.

9.2 The immediately preceding clause notwithstanding the Association may terminate the Coach’s employment without any compensation and without prior notice where the Coach is:-

9.2.1 Found liable by any competent authority for an offence involving dishonesty, possession, use or application of illegal or prohibited drugs or substances.

9.2.2 Found by any international football association to have behaved in such manner that the continuous employment of the Coach is likely to bring the Association into public ridicule, dishonor or contempt.

9.3 The Agreement shall in any event be terminated in any of the following circumstances:

9.3.1 On the date stipulated for expiry that is after two (2) years

9.3.2 If there is a fundamental breach of this agreement occasioned by

(i) Refusal or failure by the coach to act in accordance with his obligations under this agreement as directed by the Association (ii) Refusal or failure by the Association to pay the remuneration due the coach on the date on which it is due. (iii) Breach of the coach’s obligations as to confidentiality as stipulated in this agreement

Provided that where there is a fundamental breach by any of the parties of any term of this Agreement the injured party shall serve notice of such breach on the party in default requiring him/it to remedy the breach within the time stipulated in the agreement and if the defaulting party fails so to do the injured party may then elect to terminate the agreement.

9.4 On the expiry or termination of this Agreement, for any cause the coach shall return all properties belonging to the Association or which he holds on behalf of the Association to the Association in good condition.

10.0 Settlement of Disputes 10.1 The parties shall endeavor in all cases to settle any disputes and misunderstandings which may arise in connection with this Agreement amicably

10.2 Where amicable settlement of any dispute arising from this Agreement, cannot be reached, the parties shall refer the matter to FIFA for determination.

AS WITNESS the parties have the day and year first written above set their hands to this Agreement

Signed for and behalf of the Ghana Football Association




In the Presence of




Signed by the Coach




In the Presence of ……………………………………..


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