Prosecute them all

Published reports from Ghana’s Auditor General’s Department indicate that some members of Ghana’s Parliament have been trooping to the office of the Auditor General’s to plead on behalf of corrupt state officials under investigation. This, we believe, is abuse of power and criminal.

The announcement, which came out at a forum organized by Parliament’s Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee on the Special Prosecutor Bill in September 2017, is frustrating and unsettling. The Speaker of Par- liament must investigate the allegation and apply appropriate sanctions. The Attorney Gen- eral’s Office must also conduct its own inves- tigations and fish the culprits for potential prosecution. The government effort to fight cor- ruption does not emanate from the Flagstaff House but rather through authorized bodies. Amandla therefore calls on the Attorney Gen- eral’s Office not to turn a blind eye (or a deaf ear) to this serious act. A clear message would be sent to government institutions and officials bent on using their positions to throw their weight about. There is nothing honorable about these shameless lawmakers!

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