Remove these traditional rulers!

“I was surprised that the people of the Eastern Region promised President Mahama 50 percent of the votes but I am promising that we will give the president 80 percent of the total votes in the region.” This is the assurance given to President John D. Mahama by Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawiri, the Chief of Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo region. It comes after the chief of Kukurantumi in the Eastern region also assured President Mahama that the Eastern region would give the NDC 50 percent of the total votes in the region come 2016.
The statements by the chiefs of Sunyani and Kukurantumi infringe Article 276. (1) which states “A chief shall not take part in active party politics; and any chief wishing to do so and seeking election to Parliament shall abdicate his stool or skin.” In this provision active politics includes giving assurances to politicians of votes and openly showing bias towards one political party against the others. The locals must put measures in place to destool these leaders. The framers of the Constitution knew the sacred nature of occupying stools and skins and wanted to preserve the tradition. As much a President could be insulted or even cursed in public in a democratic dispensation, traditional leaders are held with utmost respect and basically above reproach, except where their behaviors becomes untoward, after which they are removed. The sanctity of the last traditional institution must be preserved.
If these statements coming from the two chiefs were unsolicited then it shows where in the political divide they belong. The indecorous manner in which they spouted their adoration of their political idol is an indication of disrespect for the basic law of the land for which the two chiefs must be made to face legal sanctions from the regional house of chiefs.
Not only that, their disdain for the law is also tantamount to disrespect for their subjects a good majority of who in the two areas in particular happen to belong to the opposition NPP. Their promises could also be a recipe for violence during the elections in 2016, and their subjects should start proceedings for their destoolment. Their continued reign could spell doom for their people.
If the ruling party is misconstruing the indiscretion of the two chiefs as support they must come again. They are sowing seeds of social discord that could take a long time to heal and which no political party worth its name should condone.
Amandla would support any action by the youths of the two areas to rid themselves of the two chiefs. They do not deserve to serve as traditional rulers if they choose to join in the political game. The constitution is clear and the chiefs have their choices to make. The issues raised by the voter register bring with it its own problems. At a time when the average Ghanaian is finding it difficult to put food on the table traditional rulers who must lead the crusade for prudent economic management and good governance should not be seen to actively support one political party against the other.
Traditional rulers must remain in their respected roles as custodians of our traditions and customs, unbiased in their parental roles and trusting in their wise counsel. These chiefs must go, fast!

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