The Wailers Jammed Newark …”in the name of the Lord”

By Kofi Ayim

Without a doubt, Wailers, the reggae band that propelled the unique music associated with the island of Jamaica unto the international scene is alive and kicking. And the legacy of its premier leader and reggae king Robert Nesta Marley (a.ka.a. Bob Marley) lives on. The reconstituted Wailers, led by Aston Barrett, (appropriately and affectionately called “Family Man”) with Barrington Oliver Brown (a.k.a. Koolant) as one of two vocalists, and backed by Marian Smith and Rockson Prince (themed the I-Twos by this writer) rocked and reggaed downtown Newark in an open door 2nd Annual Summer “Sounds of the City” concer organized by the New Jersey Performing Arts Center July 12. The free late afternoon event attracted people from the spectrum of society in the Newark area. For about ninety minutes, the 10-piece Wailers, with its trademark stomach-churning bass guitar, and earth moving drums, wailed non-stop live and direct at the forecourt of the NJPAC, preaching the sermon of “One Love,” “Three Little Birds,” “Exodus” “Guiltiness” and “Redemption Song.” The show put out by Wailers no doubt, revives inspiration and affection of a hitherto, downtrodden people by its revolutionary, poetic, and activist lyrics. An aged senior citizen, with crouches in both armpits, could not help but tap the ground with his crouches in a synchronous rhythm to the beat of the captivating rhythms. The lyrics of reggae music indeed, strengthen one’s faith in the natural scheme of things…yea man! In a post performance exclusive interview with this newspaper, Aston Barrett, whose son is also a keyboard player with the group, pointed out that the Wailers have always had a message from the Creator to mankind. He said the group since its inception has always come through with the massage of nature, roots, culture and reality. Koolant pointed out that the younger generation is captivated by the lyrics of reggae. He advised the world to shun negative tendencies of the world and live as one with “one love.’ The Wailers on a recent worldwide tour has”jammed” in Africa, “blew out its music” in Europe and is currently “getting up and standing up” in the United States. It’s current repertoire include “Cobralite,” “Familyman in tub,” and “Repatriation.” The Wailers show was opened by the up and coming reggae group Judah Tribe.

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