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Egypt unveils new tombs at Pharaonic necropolis

Egypt on Saturday March 19 displayed a series of recently discovered, finely decorated ancient tombs at a Pharaonic necropolis just outside the capital Cairo. The five tombs, unearthed earlier this month, date back to the Old Kingdom (1570 B.C. and 1069 B.C.) and the First Intermediate Period that spanned more than a century after the […]

Africa’s whistleblowers pay a high price for their courage

Silja Fröhlich Whistleblowers uncover corruption and help bring the truth to light, often benefiting society in the process. But in Africa they face dismissal, violence and murder. Extensive legislation seldom offers real protection. Babita Deokaran was shot dead in broad daylight outside her home in Johannesburg on August 23. She had just dropped her daughter […]

‘Don’t get pregnant immediately after we pick you to join the Police Service’

YVONNE CHEPKWONY The National Police Service seeks to recruit 5,000 police constables in a mass recruitment drive to be held on Thursday, March 24. The service says it is targeting holders of at least a D+ (plus) in KCSE, but shouldn’t be university graduates to avert inevitable dispute over salaries. John ole Moyaki, the Head […]

The night Divine Muheto took the Miss Rwanda 2022 crown home

EDDIE NSABIMANA After three weeks of intense weeks at the boot camp, high school graduate Divine Nshuti Muheto returned home as Miss Rwanda 2022, a crown that she received from her predecessor Grace Ingabire during a grand finale held at Intare Conference Arena. Saturday’s – March 19 – grand finale proved to be one of […]

Benin’s first female vice-president on women’s bodies, Amazon warriors and being called a feminist

For Mariam Chabi Talata, legalizing abortion and educating girls are essential first steps in giving women control of their future JILL FILIPOVIC Years ago, Mariam Chabi Talata says, she knew a girl who got in some trouble. The girl thought she could not tell her parents, and she could not go to hospital, because the […]

‘It is unbelievable’: Francis Kéré becomes first black architect to win the Pritzker prize

Burkinabe architect takes the profession’s highest honor, having made his name with schools and medical facilities in Africa, built by local communities with minimal resources OLIVER WAINWRIGHT Few architects have experienced such a meteoric rise, against such odds, as Francis Kéré. Born in a remote village in Burkina Faso without running water or electricity, he […]

Google’s subsea cable for Africa is making its first landing in Togo

ALEXANDER ONUKWUE Equiano, Google’s subsea internet cable in Africa, will make its first landing in Togo this month. First announced in 2019, Equiano is Google’s 14th investment in internet subsea cables but the first dedicated to internet access in Africa. It is expected to travel from Portugal to South Africa and is part of the […]

Historic drought looms for 20 million living in Horn of Africa

The climatic phenomenon known as La Niña is preventing nourishing rains for the fourth season in a row, putting East Africa on the “brink of catastrophe.” KIERAN MULVANEY As many as 20 million people in four African countries are facing extreme hardship and food shortages as an exceptionally long and severe drought grips the eastern […]

Ghana: Time to revise COVID-19 protocol at ports

Some two years ago, at the dawn of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world was thrown in a quandary. While some developed countries – with cutting edge science and technology – couldn’t distinguish a kneecap from a shoulder to mitigate the debilitating pandemic, the ruling government of some 30 million people with limited resources, employed strategies […]

What ancient DNA reveals about migration in Africa

MARY PRENDERGAST Every person alive on the planet today is descended from people who lived as hunter-gatherers in Africa. The continent is the cradle of human origins and ingenuity, and with each new fossil and archaeological discovery, we learn more about our shared African past. Such research tends to focus on when our species, Homo […]