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Jack Cudjo


Japan Gives Liberia 3,294 Tons of Rice to be Monetized for Socio-economic Projects

WILLIE N. TOKPAH The Japanese Counterpart Value Fund Secretariat, (JCVF) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has announced the arrival of another consignment of the Japanese donated rice weighing 3,294 metric tons to Liberia. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the rice will be monetized under the Japanese Grant Commodity Program to support the […]

Mr. President and the EC – Implement ROPAA for the 2024 Presidential Election

KOFI A. BOATENG (Kofi ROPAA)                                                   There is a high-level game in Ghana called IGNORE. Yes, the government and its institutions choose to ignore laws made by parliament and judgements given by the courts.  I am talking about Act 699 – Representation of the People Amendment Act (ROPAA) passed by Ghana’s parliament and assented by […]

Africa’s biggest fuel refinery starts production in move toward self-sufficiency

Nigeria’s long-awaited Dangote refinery has begun producing diesel and aviation fuel, the company said on Saturday, January 13 after years of delays. The plant, the largest of its kind in Africa, is expected to supply not only Nigeria but other countries in West Africa – potentially transforming the region’s oil trade.  Announcing the start of […]

Asante Gold: UK to loan back Ghana’s looted ‘crown jewels’

KATIE RAZZAL The UK is sending some of Ghana’s “crown jewels” back home, 150 years after looting them from the court of the Asante king. A gold peace pipe is among 32 items returning under long-term loan deals, the BBC can reveal. The Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) is lending 17 pieces and 15 are […]

Crowdfunding Helps Supply Prosthetic Limbs to Amputee Children in Nigeria

Nigerian children with amputated limbs are getting help to walk again and fight social stigma through the support of a group that has given free artificial limbs to more than 500 children. The accident that broke 10-year-old Princess Igbinosa’s right leg could have crushed her dreams of becoming a model in a country where not […]

Texas judge sets trial date over school’s suspension of student for dreadlocks

The teen’s family says that the school district is violating the CROWN Act. TESFAYE NEGUSSIE A judge has ordered a trial to take place and determine if a school district can continue penalizing a Black Texas high school student for the length of his dreadlocks which would run afoul of the state’s CROWN Act, a […]

AfroFuture Rocks Accra

KOFI AYIM For two days late last month, the El Wak stadium in Accra was probably the most secured and safe arena in Ghana. It was also the most festive area for the December 28-29 celebration marathon, with activities and vending by day and music festival by night; these two days were the grand finale […]

African Migration to the U.S. Soars as Europe Cracks Down

Thousands of people from African nations are flying to Central America and then traveling over land to Mexico and on to the southern border. MIRIAM JORDAN The young men from Guinea had decided it was time to leave their impoverished homeland in West Africa. But instead of seeking a new life in Europe, where so […]

In the Wrestling Arena, Niger Celebrates Unity

The winner falls to his knees, arms raised triumphantly. After just eight minutes, his opponent’s knee and elbow have touched the sand, handing “Issaka Issaka” an historic win in Niger’s king of sports. The annual wrestling tournament in the northern city of Agadez enthralls the vast West African nation. It’s more than just a sporting […]