Ghana’s cocoa is an aphrodisiac

by Richard Owusu-Akyaw

The Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD, Mr. Joseph Boahen Aidoo, has urged Ghanaians to patronize cocoa, Ghana’s leading export product, because it has numerous health benefits, including being a natural aphrodisiac.

He explained that cocoa contains zinc, which is an aphrodisiac element and good for men and women, adding: “I mean the natural cocoa, because if you are taking it naturally, you have hundred percent health benefits.”

According to him, scientifically, cocoa has antioxidants which compounds restrain ageing, meaning the more one takes cocoa, the younger one would always look. “When you go to Japan, they do not take any cocoa apart from Ghana cocoa, owing to its high quality, and it is also an aphrodisiac.” he said.

He further said: “Once you are taking a lot of cocoa into your system, you do not have any problem with cardiovascular diseases. It also enhances your cognitive ability,” the former Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) lecturer indicated.

Mr. Boahen, who was speaking at the launch of the Na- tional Sports Festival in Kumasi, testified: “I started taking cocoa long ago, and those who know me at COCOBOD know that even at my age I do not use the elevator, I always climb easily, because cocoa has a lot of calcium, manganese and magnesium, and the combination of that builds bone.” He noted: “There is a lot of iron for balancing your blood. We have zinc and other properties, and together, they facilitate body metabolism. Therefore, issues about cardiovascular diseases, once you are taking a lot of cocoa into your system, you stay healthy. The head of the cocoa regulatory body explained that “cocoa is grown in Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ecuador, Malaysia and other places, but Ghana’s cocoa is special, and for the world to know that, we will want our sports men and women to advertise this premium of Ghana cocoa, and that is why I personally want to take up this ambassadorial responsibility in supporting this project.”

An elated Mr. Joseph Boahen Aidoo, who made these disclosures, indicated that most big manufacturing companies in the world will need Ghana’s cocoa to blend in getting their chocolate, “so we have a special cocoa to offer the world, and we need to promote it, hence the long wait for this moment, for our sports men and women to do this promotion for us.”

Boahen Aidoo stated that all over the years, children have been encouraged to take chocolate, not because of the sugar, but the cocoa in it, and we have the cocoa here in Ghana, but we don’t take it.”The COCOBOD boss stressed: “Japan is running an advert on national television that children should take chocolate. It is not because of the sugar or the milk in the chocolate, but because of the cocoa in it,” and a study shows that: “the more one takes it, the more one be- comes a prophylaxis against malaria, so we want the entire world to know that we have a sacred product here in Ghana.”

In a brief history about cocoa, the COCOBOD CEO revealed that in Greek mythology, cocoa is one of the foods that when the gods took, they literally became immortal. He explained the botanical name of cocoa as Theobroma Cacao, indicating that “theo” means God and “broma” means drink, pointing to the fact that cocoa is the drink of the gods. The COCOBOD CEO, however, expressed worry that unlike Europe, where the cocoa consumption per capita is at least five kilos per head, the story is different here in Ghana. He empha- sised: “In Switzerland and Germany, the per capita con- sumption is 9-10 kilos respectively, but in Ghana, our cocoa consumption is insignificant.”

Mr. Boahen Aidoo, former Member of Parliament for Wassa Amenfi East during the NPP administration under President Kufuor, told Ghanaians: “We want to promote cocoa consumption across the globe; Ghana has a very high premium of cocoa; very high standard of quality cocoa, unparallelled and unmatched across the globe.”

According to him, COCOBOD would announce its contribution to the development of sports soon after the Board of Directors had been conferred. Amidst cheers from the crowd, the COCOBOD Chief Executive noted: “I am personally going to steer the fund raising, and let me assure you that you are going to go beyond the GH¢2 million target.”

Mr. Aidoo assured the Sports Ministry: “Personally, I am going to be the ambassador for raising the money to support the sports festival.”

He charged the Sports Ministry to go beyond what Usain Bolt did to our future Black Stars to conquer the world and bring the gold to Ghana, for which reason he pledged that COCOBOD is going to support all sporting activities in Ghana.

The COCOBOD CEO told the sporting community that this is the time for Ghanaian sports men and women to take the Ghana cocoa brand serious, since it is the highest quality premium brand.

“You go there and compete and take all the gold medals by taking Ghana cocoa.”

He urged the sporting com- munity, especially sports men and women, to patronise cocoa to improve their bone mass, “which means your heavy body density enables you to run without getting tired, so the cocoa product is very important to our sports men and women.”

Ghanaian Chronicle 

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