Ras Baraka Relected Newark Mayor in a Landslide Victory

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka won reelection in a landslide victory to lead New Jersey’s largest city over challenger Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins, securing his leadership for another four years inside City Hall.

Baraka garnered more than more than 77 percent of the vote, according to an unofficial tally by the Essex County Clerk’s Office. Chaneyfield Jenkins received 22.6 percent of the vote.

During his victory party at the Robert Treat Hotel, Baraka thanked God, the community, and his campaign staff for his victory.

“You fought hard in the streets and the victory is yours,” Baraka said. Baraka asked that his supporters remain humble rather than tarnish the names of those who opposed during this campaign season.

“Despite what people try to make you believe people do know what’s going on in this city,” Baraka said.

“This became a very dangerous and ugly election. It got very personal. The kind of ugly things that were being said. It was really, really nasty and ugly but that is a remnant of the past.”

“Because you disagree with people doesn’t mean you have to demonize people… attack their family and friends. We are not the reality TV show of New Jersey. Do not engage in that.”

“Our evidence is that we won,” said Baraka. “We’re going forward.”

Baraka ran on a platform touting Newark’s progress on multiple levels – statistics demonstrating a dramatic drop in crime, a declining local unemployment rate, the return of the Newark school system and finances from state to local control, and an ongoing development boom in downtown Newark.

“We’ve made considerable progress,” Baraka said at the final mayoral debate. “That’s why we need another term to continue what we started.”

Chaneyfield Jenkins however evoked images of a crime-ridden city littered with garbage whose streets were riddled with potholes; charging the Baraka administration with abusing its power and a lack of transparency.

The voters however did not agree with Chaneyfield Jenkins assessment of the incumbents’s first term.

Surrounded by ballroom full of exuberant supporters the popular 90s band Next performed as people danced and cheered.

Red, white and blue balloons and cupcakes decorated with the tiny depictions of U.S. Senator Cory Booker, who Baraka referred to as a great ally to Newark, adorned the hotel.

“Touchdown,” Baraka chanted repeatedly. “The game is over.”

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