A new amazing book – Quality beads don’t jingle – by veteran storyteller M. Ofori-Mankata

The title of Michael Ofori-Mankata’s 21st book is understandably poetic. But “Quality Beads Don’t Jingle” is not meant to be understood by only those well-versed in the Akan culture. Originally written in Twi (the language of the Akan people of Ghana) as Ahene Pa Nkasa “Quality Beads Don’t Jingle” is an accessible work of elder Ofori-Mankata. It is a collection of some of the most commonly worn print fabrics in Ghana and elsewhere by all classes of people to different events and on different occasions. In Ghana and more largely, in Africa, cotton prints originally from Indonesia and commercialized in large scale production in Holland, Britain, Ghana, and elsewhere are heavily patronized. Like the kente cloth, every popular print is given a name; however most people wear the cloths without knowing or caring to know their socio, cultural or religious representations. Mr. Ofori-Mankata’s latest book is an attempt to help educate on these prints and their names. Not only does Mr. Ofori-Mankata provide photographs of each cloth and name, he also gives both the Twi name and its

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