A young lady publishes her first book of poetry

25-year old Akosua Ayim (also known by her stage name, Sillage), recently published her first book, entitled “Sometimes the heart breaks”. The 63-page book consists of 27 poems and is a collection of her original poetry that she has written over the past 10 years. The poems range from full-blown spoken word performance pieces to short haikus. The inspiration behind the books is the emotions of the people Sillage has encountered throughout her life. She takes their experiences and puts pen to paper in an attempt to actualize what they have felt. While some of the pieces are personal, the majority are inspired. She tackles a few different subjects, from love to heartbreak & loving one’s self in poems like “Sometimes the Heart Breaks” and “Diamonds” to paying tribute to important historical figures in her “Ode to Mandela”. “Sometimes the heart breaks” is a good read for anyone who has an interest in spoken word poetry or non-traditional poetry & wants to get a glimpse of what it may look like to put pain (and other emotions) into written form.
Sillage (Akosua Ayim) is a Ghanaian-American Jersey girl currently living in Harlem, New York. She began writing at the age of 11 and by age 15 was performing her poetry at her high school at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts in addition to touring worldwide with the school’s classical choir. Once back in New York to obtain her undergraduate degree from Columbia University, Akosua found herself falling deeper in love with the poetry scene. She began performing at open mics & shows both on and off campus including at the Nuyorican Poets Café. Before long, she picked up the guitar and began to reconnect with her love of singing and songwriting. In 2013, she joined the Street Poets Artistry Collective and adopted the name Sillage, which is “the impression left in space after something or someone has been and gone.” This has always been her mission with her art – to leave an impression upon her audience.”Sometimes the heart breaks” is her first published book of poetry. There are some adult contents in the poetry. It can be purchased at:


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